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So, in a bid to try and make another £500 (20%) towards the funding of the Big 12, I have got something that all fans, regardless of whether you own a record player or not, can join in with for just a fiver and help us out. Here is the link to the brand-new Scott Doonican: Bar-Steward Unplugged 32-track live album recorded during the 400th Bar-Steward Sons show at The Butchers Arms Swinton last week. If I can get just 100 Doonifans to get it, then all of that money is going in the pot for the BESTEST BITS II record campaign, (which, in turn, all leftover money in the pot goes to Barnsley Hospice at the end of the campaign at Christmas - so everyones a winner). This wont be given a CD release so will be exclusive to our Bandcamp page. Feel free to share this with your friends... thebarstewardsons.bandcamp/album/the-big-four-oh-oh
Posted on: Wed, 05 Mar 2014 14:32:40 +0000

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