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So, its my turn, a day later, to gush about the Bare Naked Statues (Saint Louis University) new album that Alexander Koutzoukis and I at Plaid Productions have been working on for the last couple of years. Multiple weekend trips out to St. Louis resulted in many trips to Pappys BBQ, too many concretes at Ted Drewes (is there such a thing?), and also a serious amount of music sung by a group of guys whose collective and unified aesthetic, vision, and drive were awesome to see and experience. The people involved in this album most closely, Jim Kane, Maurice Roper, Sean Binkley, and BNSs resident musical prodigy John Holland were an outstanding team from start to finish, not to mention all being excellent dudes and pretty fantastic singers. Tom Anderson contributed either editing or ground-up construction of almost every arrangement on this album, and pretty much defined the effortlessly fun sound the guys made happen. Our part of the work was fun, and was polished by the ever-reptilian Dave Sperandio into this shiny, crispy and delicious audio smorgasboard. Everything we worked on, from listening to Binkleys spot on Kesha impression, to listening to John bare his soul and his vocal cords on one of the most emotionally charged songs Ive ever worked on, to helping (ok, tricking) Maurice into singing a song in a key he was convinced he couldnt, were memorable and special experiences against which Ill be judging most of my future work in terms of fun, commitment, and downright awesomeness. and of course, without a single capital letter, lest we forget about sean patrick riley, without whom this project would have never gotten off the ground, i would have never had a place to sleep, nor would i have seen so much ina garten in my life, and all of these things are excellent. we literally cannot thank him enough for helping get this album made, and also for showing us all of the best food in st. louis, and being an awesome friend. Now that my long-winded tirade on how-could-you-possibly-not-own-this-yet is over, well, how could you possibly not own this yet? There is a song on here for literally anyone, whether they love high-octane pop covers, moody rock, classics from the 70s, or choral music, and all of the singing is top notch. Why are you still reading this? Its so long. Just buy the album.
Posted on: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 19:34:04 +0000

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