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So many feelings right now. Sadness, anger, so many questions. So heartbroken to see that another life has been lost WAY too soon. . How do we have SO many churches filled with SO many people and yet SO many people still fall through the cracks and it seems like such little difference is made? How can there be SO much religion and Christians and yet so many people go unreached rather than being reached in time or reached effectively? How are there so many self-professed Christians and yet so few that look/live/act any differently than the rest of the world? Followers of Christ should stand out. We should do things differently and we should make a difference in the world! . In times that are so dark and so sad and when evil is so evident, I guess I just get angry seeing all the nice Christiany thoughts expressed by so many, as though everything is really okay when its clearly NOT okay. Its NOT okay when someone is murdered. Its NOT okay when someone would take their own life. Its NOT okay when someone would take someone elses life. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong when this has become SO common and its worth getting angry about, angry enough to care enough to try to do something about it. I guess I just feel like thats why nothing changes, all too often, because people have their cliche things and their cliche beliefs that change NOTHING in the end. People talk Christianity and live like the rest of the world so people think thats all there is. Everyone does their best to make themselves and others feel better and it stops there and the same tragedies continue happening. It seems that were a lot more concerned with comfort than truth around here (America in general) and Im sick and tired of it because the people in this world are in desperate need of truth, a truth powerful enough to change and save their lives and the lives of those that surround them. . I am all for comforting people who are hurting, but not at the expense of avoiding truth or trying to sugar coat what is clearly a very dark, sad situation. Im not for pretending that there isnt a serious issue and everything is okay when so many young people are being murdered, being killed, taking their lives, so many tragic things. Its not okay how many people my age and plenty of other ages have lost their lives to numerous different ways in these past few years, different ways but all heartbreaking and all NOT OKAY. The state of SO many people is NOT OKAY and yet most are still busy trying to comfort everyone and to make them feel better about things rather than taking a good hard look at the reality of the situation and realizing, somethings gotta give. Something is wrong that this would happen, over and over and over again. Something needs to change. Doing things the same way is NOT working out well. . People need more. We, the ones who profess Christ, who claim to know the way and offer hope to those who are hurting, we should make a bigger difference. It reminds me of some of us women talking at the womens retreat this past weekend, and I think we can all relate to what was said about having those times where God lays something on our heart, to reach out to someone, to do something, and we put it off somehow. We all too often distract ourselves with other things and dont get around to it when it could make a bigger difference than we realize. With all the people around here claiming to be Christians, there should be so many of us that God should be able to lead to those people that are hurting so badly. Even if NOBODY else knows the battles theyre facing, GOD KNOWS, and were supposed to be His friends and working with Him, were supposed to be His hands and feet. With all the self-professed Christians around God should have plenty of people who He is able to lead to those people and we should be able to make a difference before its too late. . I am as guilty as ANYONE for not making that face time with God like I should. This was a kick in my own butt to realize I need to get serious about it. What if I had spent face time with God and given Him the time of day to speak to me? What if others had done that regularly? How many tragedies could have been avoided if all the people who claim to believe in a living God actually lived like He was real?? If we actually gave Him the time of day to SPEAK to us and LEAD us and use us? If we all actually lived like we actually believe in the stuff we say all the time??? It just makes me angry. Angry at myself. Angry that I can know better and not do better. Angry that such heartbreaking, evil things happen when there are so many people who should be walking in the kind of power that overcomes evil, that snatches people out of these tragic situations, you know? . 1 Corinthians 2:4,5 says, My speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. . Why do we have so many words and so little power? Why do so many self-professed Christians have so many nice sounding, lovey dovey things to say to people but so little power to 1) even overcome sin in their own lives and 2) actually help pull others out of the grips of darkness? Why DOESNT it bother us more that we talk the talk but dont walk in the power that we should?? The world doesnt need more churches and more Christians it needs more people actually living like there is a living God who still speaks and still leads and still wants to use us. The world needs more people who dont just say Christiany things and hit share on Jesus stuff on Facebook but are willing to yield themselves and be used as vessels that God can work through to reach a world that is full of broken, hurting, dying people. And as long as were more worried about stepping on toes than we are of speaking the truth, I dont see a lot changing. . I know this might make some people mad but my motives are pure and Im preaching to myself as much as anyone else. If this causes a few more people to consider all of this, people like myself who CARE and dont want to see any more families lose their loved ones, any more lives lost way too soon, it would be worth making some people angry. Enough is enough! I am sick and tired of all the lives lost. I am sick and tired of religion that is powerless. I know that I myself need to take this more seriously because we are in a battle and evil is real and it triumphs when good people are too busy to be available to be used by God. Again, I am as guilty as the next, but I care and I want to do better and I am at least glad that I am being convicted about it, as angry as it makes me about the whole situation. Hopefully some of you will join me in doing something about it and making a point to make ourselves available to be used by God to reach people before its too late. I cant help but think there should have been someone who God could have used to prevent this, you know? Im reminded of the Bible talking about God searching the earth for someone He can use. Maybe it could have been me or maybe it could have been you if one of us had made the time of day. I, for one, dont want to have that lingering question in my mind ever again. , My heart and prayers go out to all of those who are hurting so badly right now.
Posted on: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 21:50:50 +0000

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