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So, many of you close to me already know this, but I was waiting until I knew for sure to tell everyone else.. None of that Peter cried wolf shit ha.. After at least a year of praying and thinking about my future and weighing my options, Ive decided to move to Denver Co at the end of July! I cant wait to start this new chapter in my life! The unfortunate side effect, besides being away from my family and friends, is that after five wonderful years as the guitarist for the John D Hale Band, I must step down and no long be a full time member. John, Liz, and the entire Hale Phillips Roose clan welcomed me with open arms the minute I started playing with the band, and have made me feel like family ever since. The guys have known for some time and have supported me fully in this process. Smooth, Chris, Kurt, and even Cody (haha) I consider my close friends, and am extremely lucky and beyond grateful to have been able to call them my bandmates. John Hale especially has been the best Boss, band leader, frontman, van driver, chaperone, partner in crime, hotel roommate, Alamo tour guide, and mentor a guy could ask for.. and above all one of my best friends. As for everyone Ive had a chance to meet over these 5 years, every fan who had for me a kind word, a you kicked f*cking ass man, a fresh batty, or a rail whisky shot, Thank you. You guys kept us goin all these years and I was just lucky as hell to be in the middle of it. So all fans near and far, I implore you to come see me rawk with the boys one last time.. My last show will be the John D Hale Barn Party Aug 22nd and 23rd. See ya there.
Posted on: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 16:04:47 +0000

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