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So today was a good day. Friends who encourage me are a God send. This is our first Christmas without Brenda. I thank The Lord for daughters yes three of them who have stepped up and helped me shop for the family. Brenda was so good at this and knew exactly what everyone wanted or needed. She was amazing. She shopped all year and could spot a deal. This year Im doing the shopping, not like Brenda, but like me. Im proud of me in a good way . Gods grace is sufficient to get me through this season and the one before this and the one after this. My family is amazing as well. I love them so much. God brings the right people at the right time to say or do the right things or nothing at all. Sometimes the best thing to say is actually nothing. Just practicing quiet presence can be awkward, but so needful. I think Im getting better most of the time, but then theres that occasional day where I feel that Im not, but I know its just one day and it will pass. Again God is with me and something wonderful will come from this, not just down the road someday, but everyday, moment by moment. God works in the moment to bring about a wonderful minute that leads to an hour then a day and then a future. God says His plans for me are a future and a hope. I trust Him. He will and is with me today, tomorrow and into my future. So we will celebrate here while my bride celebrates there. I love you Babe, Ill see you soon. Love Danny
Posted on: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 06:17:43 +0000

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