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So you’ll see that things would move Very Slowly initially, because People are going to Find out that there are Finite Resources. The Greatest Nation in the World, America, now only has 47% of its People Employed. The situation is Growing Worse by the day, but the Positive thinkers would claim ‘It’s Not so’ because, they can get enough Followers to Still Make Money. There are Ways to Make Money in this Screwed up system. For those that Do Show their Understanding of the Desteni Message, We Support them in ways to Find a way to Health And we Train them How – while the system is still out of balance – one can Actually Make a Living and a Good Living, and at the same time ensure that we Educate as many people as possible, that there is a Problem in the System and that Those that Claim ‘Positive Thinking’ are in Fact Only Looking at Selling their Stuff to you, and that Only a Few will ever get Wealthy out of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. Yet, people would Follow this as if it is a Dream they Want to Get no matter what; they would Not Investigate the Actuality of the Practicality by Writing down the Actual Business Plans that were Followed by others to Show How many people must buy something Before someone gets Wealthy. And obviously, unless you have a Unique-Enough Product = You’re Not going to Get Enough People to Buy what you have to Sell and therefore only a Few end up becoming Wealthy. And only those that can Manage to Convince you that ‘Their Way is the Best’ are the ones that You will Buy into and then you’ll Try and Mutate it to create your own product; but unfortunately, you are dependent on the Physical Reality which means you need Enough people to buy your idea before you Become Wealthy. Don’t get caught in this trap! It is just a trap and those that Sell you this, can sell Ice to an Eskimo: they can make it Sound Wonderful. - See more at: creationsjourneytolife.blogspot/2013/07/day-449-greatest-secret-to-wealth.html#sthash.voFa8a7k.dpuf
Posted on: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:54:49 +0000

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