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Some facts of the case. Please share and feel free to comment. Dammion was found hanging (but not completely suspended) 3 1/2 days after he went missing. His body and car was found approximately 7 miles out of town, just off the only major highway in Gunnison. His car was completely visible from the highway. His cell phone was found (in his car) with the battery removed. His car was locked and the keys were found in his pants pocket. Dammion disappeared after at least two physical altercations took place at a house party. One taking place outside the house (early evening) and the others took place inside the house (late that night to early AM). The interviews we conducted and text records indicate Dammion and the first man he fought agreed to fight. The man showed up with some teammates and the fight began. The fight was soon stopped with the mans teammates pulling Dammion off him. Later that night Dammion was confronted by another man inside the house (this man was upset with D over the first fight) and another physical altercation pursued. Witnesses at the party said Dammion was taken into another room to be calmed down and put to sleep. No one witnessed him leave the house or the room. Others reported leaving the party on account of the fighting and heated arguing. Dammion had plans to meet with a girl at his dorm but he never showed. Those involved in the physical altercations have either lied multiple times or refused to talk. An eye witness was walking their dog and reported to police and our investigators that they seen someone hiding beside Dammions body where he was found. That sounds like a suspect to me. Does an innocent person find a dead body, hide by it and then not report it? They also reported that this person was watching them through binoculars. They gave a description of a truck that was parked at the trail head beside Dammions car. A truck that matches the description is registered to the parents of one of the men involved in the physical altercation that took place inside the house party. The truck was seen outside the residence for a long period of time. The police claim they checked into anyone involved having a truck matching that description and said no one did. We found this truck by a tip generated from a local news paper ad WE took out. Sound like a coincidence to you? We obtained pictures of Dammion the night he went missing. In those photos he is wearing a Texas Rangers ball cap, his earrings, and a tank top. When he was found he was wearing a hooded camo sweatshirt, (not belonging to him) his earrings were missing along with his ball cap. Dammion removed 100.00 cash from his bank account hours before he went missing and no cash was found on Dammion. Some evidence/items photographed at the scene were not collected for forensics/testing. The clothing Dammion was wearing when he was found was not taken for testing. Autopsy photos from Colorado clearly show long hair (not belonging to Dammion) on the hoodie he was wearing and on his bare skin once the hoodie was removed. I can only believe the police did not collect this hair for evidence because they knew nothing of it when they were asked. The police had Dammions cell phone for over 6 weeks and could not open it due to a 4 digit code. After getting them to send the phone to a forensic tech in Grand Junction CO, I assisted them in opening it. Very little info was shared with us for our efforts. A reported 6000 pages of text was collected by police and nothing indicating he was going to harm himself was found. In fact quite the opposite was found. After being told by police for months they had a latent fingerprint on Dammions phone, we are now told that not only could they not identify that print but they found no identifiable prints on anything, including his car. Really? So was everything wiped down? Do you wipe all your prints off before you kill yourself? Some witnesses that our investigators spoke with have yet to be interviewed by Gunnison Police. The police released a statement to the media a few weeks ago saying one of the toxicology tests gave a result of a 0.26 ng/ml reading of LSD and a trace of cannabis in Dammions system. The extensive toxicology we had performed shows negative on everything. The release also said the medical examiner in Colorado ruled Dammions death a suicide. No surprise there considering the police called it a suicide from the scene when Dammion was found. The Gunnison County Corner Frank Vader sent me an amended death certificate on August 4th. He marked Manner of death as suicide. The original death certificate is marked pending investigation. So with the investigation still on going, why is Frank Vader ruling a suicide? DNA testing on some of the items collected from the scene is not complete. Obviously this death investigation was not handled properly from the start. The police say its still an ongoing investigation but no suspects are being pursued. Its just not clear, at least to me exactly what they are investigating. Dammions body also had many injuries not mentioned in their autopsy. During the missing persons investigation the college (Western State) repeatedly told me and police Dammion was in classes and had swiped his meal card. Just a couple hours before I was notified by police they found Dammion dead by suicide the school said they had made a mistake. The school then said Dammion was not in classes and had not swiped his meal card. So did someone attempt to make it look like Dammion was alive? Did the school figure this out once they were notified of Dammion and change their story? Dammions meal card was found on him and it was not sent out for any testing. This is where we are at and what we are dealing with. Its completely insane for anyone to know of these facts and think Dammion killed himself. I have more I could say that gives weight to foul play but I cant tip my hat to much here. Im done giving those that havent and wont do their job a heads up so they know how to cover their asses. We will continue to stay vigilant in our pursuit of justice for Dammion. A higher ranking authority needs to get involved. The handling of this death investigation should be under investigation. Thank you all again for your support. You are all so very much appreciated and we couldnt do this without the continued moral and financial support from so many. I will continue to update as I can. Keep Dammion in your prayers, God Bless! BeHeard
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