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Some say that animals dont feel pain and loss like humans do. I know differently. We lost our Elizabeth, this past Saturday after four days of fighting a tough and unforgiving battle with her liver, which suddenly went toxic. Regardless of the vet care, the heavy meds and the round the clock care, she left her last breath in my arms and in the safety of her stall with her Worthy looking over my shoulder. We spoke and planned about taking her to the Veterinary University of Gainesville, but the vets and I decided that the trip alone would stress her more. So, we made the decision to make her comfortable and let her be at the place she loved the most, her home. Later that afternoon, after a light rain, a double rainbow appeared in the sky. Worthy and her were foaled in my hands. They were born a month apart and have been a pair since. I let him see,so that he had closure. I underestimated him. He knew. After she was buried at our property on Sunday, I brought him in from the front part of the property. The first place he ran to, was the barn. He looked for her, looked at me and neighed three times and then followed her trail to her resting spot, right by the hammock. It took a while to settle him, but later that afternoon, I found him standing by her grave. Hard to explain a loss like this to Worthy and to my heart. The brain gets it...but, is it ever understood by the heart? Animals know better and more than we ever will. Rest in peace my Elizabeth and run in the fields of Heaven till we meet again.
Posted on: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 19:27:18 +0000

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