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St Teresa’s Celebrate 200 Anniversary Although this is a face book page for Belleeks GAC and community, it would be remiss of me not to recognise the wonderful occasion that took place at the bottom end of our Parish of Loughgilly. Sunday 1st December 2013, Tullyherron church of St Teresa’s celebrated their 200 anniversary, and as Fr Ted would say, with a lovely mass on Sunday. Archbishop Eamon Martin performed the celebrations along with Parish Priest Fr Malachy Murphy, and he spoke about the sacrifices that our ancestors had to endure to keep the faith alive in the parish of Loughgilly. Two hundred years ago the parishioners of Tullyherron struggled to find a piece of land to build their church, but persevered to find this present plot of land, and therefore built themselves their church. The Arch bishop in an emotional speech, found the committement that all those people 200 years put in, tremendously inspirational, and the legacy that they left for us, so saintly, and he wondered in the next 200 years, just who would be carrying on the faith for our children. The Archbishop finished by saying that he was very honoured to be involved in the celebrations of St Teresa’s 200 years celebrations, and was very proud of the work that those in the Parish were putting to keep the Catholic faith very much alive Fr Malachy Murphy conclude the Celebration Mass by thanking all those who had made this event come true, not forgetting the late Fr. Michael Rogers who passed a number of months ago, while he was Parish Priest of Loughgilly. Fr Malachy thanked all the altar servers, the readers, the offertory procession, those who painted the church inside and outside, those who putting up the buntings, and all those who help with the celebrations, to mark this beautiful occasion.
Posted on: Tue, 03 Dec 2013 04:16:19 +0000

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