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Status Update By Richa Sharma The Delightful ‘Lunchbox’ This Lunchbox is served deliciously with a platter full of Emotions, Love & Humor, leaving a delectable aftertaste. Taste, to be relished every time you think of Mr. Fernandes & Ila. It’s a ‘DABBA’, which mesmerizes you with an aroma of some fine ingredients used in a recipe to cook a Love Story. It’s a Beautiful blend of 125 – year - old Dabbawalla industry and a 50-year-old sarkari babu Mr. Fernandes who spends his entire life in making claims and pay orders until he finds his way to BHUTAN. Fernandes with his toxic eyes definitely leave you wanting for more. This handsome old man with his witty expressions and nearly silent role brings you more closer to Indian Cinema. Ila who very generously and whole-heartedly prepares a ‘DABBA’ of Love and affection adds the sweet and sour taste. A lady gets ready to experience the bitterness of life on her journey to Bhutan. She leaves you with plethora of questions with a kind of dilemma, is she right or is she wrong ????? Sweetness is added with a dessert made by Shaikh, who always comes with a contagious smile of his own. He is like icing on the cake & gives you a blissfull piece of cake. The great Aunty does garnishing of this scrumptious meal packed in a Lunchbox. She cannot be seen but only be heard. She will make you laugh every time you are going to hear her shrieky shrilly voice. Kindly add Salt as per your taste. An Honest thought Richa Sharma
Posted on: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 02:47:58 +0000

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