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Steve Nash Injury woes might be the signal for his retirement by Jay-R Bayon-on Captain Canada is old and weary and even injured. Could this mean that Steve Nash will finally hang his sneakers? Steve Nash tried to overcome back issues in 2014, but it was always a long shot. Injuries Woes Lower-back injuries that have gone chronic are seldom easy to conquer. When they involve nerves rather than just structural components, its even harder. For a high-effort, older player like Nash, its even tougher. The Los Angeles Lakers medical staff has been able to get Nash on the court, but theres something of a wave pattern to the recovery. With each game, Nashs back is knocked down a few levels and it necessitates a lot of work to get him ready for the next game. Back-to-back games or even just a day or two in between outings means hes not returning to his previous level. As the wave continues to lose capacity, with him unable to fully recover between starts, the nerve impingement just gets worse. Impact and even mere gravity work against any of the rehab, introducing new stresses on that area and in others due to compensation. Problems with his knees and legs have only further complicated matters. Theres not much more that can be done to offer Nash comfort and allow him to remain competitive. Down the line, Nash might need a surgical fix, but its more likely that hell be able to live a normal life once the physical demands from basketball arent exacerbating the condition. The work that Nash and the Lakers staff have to put in has gone past that point where its worth the expenditures of time and effort. With the team well out of playoff contention, winning doesnt have the same value to the franchise. In addition, the team is closer to getting Kobe Bryant back. As expected, his return from a minor fracture to the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee has been conservatively managed. With Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid likely at the top of this upcoming draft class, every lottery ball counts, even if a team wont come out and say thats its ultimate goal. Players like Nash and Bryant are ultracompetitive, and at times, matching that tendency with reality is difficult. Looking in the mirror or hearing a doctor tell them that they cant do something is likely to be heard as a challenge more than a diagnosis. With young players taking their playing time now, their reaction is going to be even stronger. Still, time and injury sap even the greatest. If Nash isnt able to return this season or even in the future, theres not much that will take away from his Hall of Fame resume. What hes been able to do in a Lakers uniform didnt enhance it, but we tend to forgive the great for sticking around past their prime. Nash is no different. And Nash might finally end his tumultuous career and might even land a coaching staff job which Brooklyn Head Coach Jason Kidd did. --- with reports from BleacherReport - See more at: pinoystarnews.blogspot/2014/03/steve-nash-injury-woes-might-be-signal.html#sthash.h2sTz9GF.dpuf
Posted on: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 23:57:31 +0000

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