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Storm Recovery Ombudsman Helps Hundreds in Toms River If you need assistance, he is extremely helpful. ~JSHRN (PLEASE SHARE) (from Toms River Website) Though the position has existed less than six months, Toms River Township credits its new Disaster Recovery Ombudsman for helping hundreds of storm‐weary homeowners. Trevor Newman was selected to fill the newly created position in May. The job was created by the Township Council to assist residents in April. He has expertise in the National Flood Insurance Program and almost 40 years in the Insurance industry. Among his responsibilities is to serve as the public’s liaison to state, federal and local government agencies as rebuilding continues, which includes constant communication with residents. The ombudsman addresses storm‐related issues ranging from insurance claims to building permits. He also provides guidance to FEMA information sites and assists residents with National Flood Insurance Program questions. To date, the ombudsman has received nearly 1,000 phone calls and emails from residents seeking assistance. He also visits with residents at various locations in the most affected areas of the Township including the Toms River Senior Center, Town Hall, Ortley Beach Sub‐Station and Silverton Fire House. “Trevor is there to help homeowners navigate the rebuilding process and get answers to questions they don’t know the answers to,” said Council vice‐president Maria Maruca, who represents the barrier island residents’ hard‐hit by Sandy. -------------------------------- INSURANCE UPDATE Deadline to File “Proof of Loss” Extended Do you have a flood claim due to Sandy? The ombudsman would like to remind residents with outstanding or inadequately settled insurance claims that the expiration date to file Proof of Loss forms, or right to sue, has been extended an additional 6 months. If you are not happy with your insurance settlement, you have until April 29, 2013 to file a Proof of Loss form to protect your legal rights. For your Proof of Loss form, you will need to have documents such as bills or estimates from contractors. While Toms River Township cannot get involved in individual claims, there are steps homeowners can take to resolve disputed insurance claims. FOUR STEPS TO APPEALING YOUR CLAIM Step 1 Talk with your adjuster, who has more knowledge about your claim than anyone. If you dont understand certain decisions regarding, for example, application of coverage, timing of the filing of Proof of Loss, or the damage estimate, contact your adjuster first. Step 2 If you are not satisfied with the adjusters answers, or do not agree with decisions, get contact information for the adjusters supervisor. Step 3 If the adjusters supervisor cant resolve your issues, contact the insurance companys claim representative. Ask your insurance agent or your insurance company representative for assistance. Please refer to your flood policy for more information on appeals. Step 4 If you still have questions or concerns after following steps one through three, contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). ---------------------------------------- Any questions please call or E‐mail our Toms River Storm Recovery Ombudsman Trevor Newman for assistance, or visit in person: 732‐341‐1000 x 8357 or [email protected] All times 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (or 7:30 pm) Mondays ‐ Toms River Town Hall Tuesdays & Fridays - Ortley Beach Police Sub‐Station Wednesdays - Silverton Fire House Thursdays - TR Senior Center (Garfield Av)
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