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Surat terbuka kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia i. Your Excellency DATUK SERI NAJIB, All this while like many silent Malaysians, I have been keeping quiet and do not wish to be involved In politics etc., but now I feel I must speak out as I find the country ‘s situation is getting from bad to worse, like the Malay proverb says, indah kata dari rupa. To start with you like to bark with the slogan RA’AYAT DI-DAHULUKAN, are you very, very sure you meant from the bottom of your heart. Another common statement that you like to make is that you do not want to be a popular leader to the people, when they do not like your policy that affects them badly. Please remember that when you accept the post of PM, you have sworn to protect the ra’ayat, the nation and their wellbeing. If you think you are too big to be advice or to serve the ra’ayat, as expected of you, I suggest you step down honourably, before the ra’ayat throw you out, like your predecessor. Another statement you made that really hurts the ra’ayat of BUMIPUTRA origin was when you said that they have to compete on a meritocracy basis with the others. Please do not forget that you are holding the present position because of the BUMIPUTRA, who feels and hope you carry out your late father’s good work. Fortunately for you, you had a very good DEPUTY, who quickly cools down the situation by stating. A few days later that the Govt., will not change its stand on protecting the BUMIPUTRA INTEREST. To UMNO members, please ensure that the PRESIDENT, is grilled in the coming General Assembly to find out the PRESIDENT stand and interest in the party and it’s members. I will stop here for now and will continue my next topic i.e., the fuel subsidy on my next issue later. ii. Your Excellency Datuk Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak, As I have stated earlier the next issue, I believe is to be of great importance to the RA’AYAT, is the fuel subsidy. What I do not understand here is why should you punish the RA’AYAT, for your Incompetence in administering the country’s finance. It gives me the greatest shock of my life when I read that our country borrowed almost a trillion dollars during your short term of office That shows despite having two DEPUTY MINISTERS of FINANCE, Bank Negara financial advisors and a Minister in PM Dept., are not prudent enough (berhati-hati atau bijaksana) in carrying out the country’s development projects. In Parliament recently you said that the amount is only 52% of our GDP, and that it is very small when compared to other nations. Please be reminded that we are a very small nation and should not be taken as a comparison to other big nations, as this has led to our present predicament. Do not forget money borrowed comes with interest. So when your administration sees the amount is big, your so call expert advises you to impose all kinds of tax or fines. I say so because if any one delay for more than two weeks to settle their fines or income tax, (the letters of summon from the relevant authorities takes about 5-8 days, to receive), the ra’ayat will have to cough out an extra payment of around 15% hike. Here I think the ra’ayat too should high time bring the Govt. and its relevant agencies to court to seek fast and efficient service. Another thing that I really do not understand is what is so urgent in having the bullet train project lift of the ground on an urgent basis, when we now have the normal train services, bus services, taxi services and commercial flights. Whilst the important light train project which will be utilised by ordinary ra’ayat from Damansara Utama to Klang valley is delayed until the end of 2015. As for the fuel subsidy I suggest we forgo totally. In its place I suggest the following: 1.) Motorcycle from 850 to 501cc, should forgo paying road tax on annual basis, but have to pay driving licence and 1MALAYSIA INSURANCE 2.) Motorcycle 501 to 1200cc, should be given a 40% discount on the road tax and pay for the licence plus 1MALAYSIA INSURANCE. 3.) Vehicle from 850cc to 1600cc should be given a 40% discount on the road tax annually but have to pay for the licence and 1MALAYSIA INSURANCE With this your worries of wrong people enjoying the subsidy is totally remove and smuggling will cease. Another issue that I like to address is the reduction in the amount for PTPTN loan Here I am wondering why students wanting to go for further studies is punished by reducing the PTPTN, when the fault lies in the weakness of your administration in enforcement. Recently you visited UMNO SELANGOR, and instructed them to buck up and recruit more new members and explain to the bumiputra about the party strategy etc. For your kind info my friends and I have done it earlier and this is what the answers we obtained from them: 1.) UMNO cakap tak serupa bikin. 2.) Why work so hard and sacrifice for the party, when the party President will appoint someone outside the party to hold cabinet post, and some of this people at one one time openly against and even dispise the party. 3.) Last but not least the President has never or shown least interest on the party’s member welfare 4.) Lastly, the President will appoint young people into the cabinet, who not only could not careless to meet the people or entertain complains from the ra’ayat, but a MR. YES MAN TO THE Prime minister??! Recently in parliament your excellency announced that you will propose to raise the allowance and salaries of all the lawmakers as they are suffering from high cost of living, despite getting good pay, allowances and certain privileges. What I want to know is what happens to the ordinary ra’ayat?!! LAWMAKERS DIDAHULUKAN, RA’AYAT DITINGGALKAN. Furthermore RA’AYAT is fed up with slogans made by the present and previous party Presidents, such as CEKAP, BERSIH, AMANAH; CEMERLANG, GEMILANG, TERBILANG; And RA’AYAT DI DAHULUKAN. So now your excellency understands why people are shunning away from UMNO. Before it is not too late, I do kindly request your excellency to seriously think the direction that you wish to take the party and the RA’AYAT. May Allah bless UMNO and shows our members and leaders the true path of purity. iii. Your Excellency Datuk Najib Tun Abd Razak, I wrote my comments not of hate for you, but to make or correct you where you go wrong. This is because you spent most of your youth days in UK, so much so you lost touch in the way a Bumiputra think or function. Sometime speeches made by you indicate that you are ashamed or against the Malays. May be intentionally or not. I hope you will not be like one of your predecessor, when he is in power he says the Malay are like Baggers, always asking for assistance from the Govt and use the Govt. as a walking stick. Now that he is not in power, he wants to show that he is a fighter for the Malay rights. Recently someone make an open letter distributed in Parliament, requesting you to give up the Minister of Finance post. To me this gentleman is not qualified to suggest this. When he was holding this post, Bumiputra have a tremendous difficulty in getting a loan from BBMB, but one Chinese businessman was given not less than MR33 billion (as reported ), to make matters worse one Bumiputra General Manager was murdered, trying to carry out his job. The funny part is why was this kept quite from the public and why the culprit is not brought to justice. From here I would like you to look into the appointment of top post in the (now known as CIMB) bank, which I am told 40 top post is held by the non Bumi. Here I am wondering is the CEO of the bank scared of stiff completion from other Bumi’s??!! Recently you make song and dance about the success of the Govt. GLCS from RM140 billion in 2004 to RM436Billion in 2014, which you declared due to your transformation plan, to which I think you are too fast trying to take the credit First you must study history and understand it. Who started the GLCS and who build the huge Bumiputra funds, without which GLCS will not be as it is today. Furthermore because of the competency of the Bumiputra CEO’S running the GLCS. Like the Malay proverb saying , “ lembu punyai susu sapi dapat nama” Today I went to my Pharmacy, to obtain my multiple vitamin, when a makcik came to me in tears telling me and the public her predicament. She is a housewife and the husband is a sole bread earner for the family. Recently he had an accident in work place, she has no money to even pay the petrol for the car to send the husband for the necessary medical treatment, which turn her down, because he has no insurance, although she said that he contributed to SOCSO Here what I do not understand is the employer, SOCSO and hospital just could not careless to assist. Here I believe the Govt. should impose a law making it compulsory for Management and Govt. Agencies involved to be friendly to such victim in distress. Not only that I heard a lot of people grumbling about the high cost of everything in town even before the implementation of GST. What is so urgent to implement GST, to which I am made to understand by an expert from a radio interview, that GST is a tool to assist a nation to obtain a loan abroad. Not only that, I was told by a friend who just came back from UK, it started the tax with only 6%, slowly it will raise, like UK, where it is now about 20%.??!! Another topic that is talked about now is the removal of seditious act. Your excellency can go ahead and ignored the rakyat’s volce, because you are the PM and the President of the party. This action will make the environment conducive for ISIS to grow stronger here. If there is any bloodshed after that you must take full responsibility and ready to face the trial and the party for betraying the trust of the people and members. Be reminded that no one, not even you can just repeal the act, without the consent of the AGONG. Also be reminded that your so called moderation agenda, is not practical anywhere in the world as the people are not civilized enough to accept it. Take Malaysia for example, where the Bumiputra and the Malay rulers’ previllages and status become a toy for the non Bumi to play and kick around, Islam has become a tool to promote Christianity. Some people in Sabah and Sarawak are instigating people there to break away from Malaysia. Now I must salute to the Wanita and Puteri UMNO for having the GUTS to say no to the President’s idea. What happen to PEMUDA and all the BAPAK2 UMNO. Pada saya tidak salah kalau kita tegur atau tidak sokong President yang membuat dasar2 atau undang2 yang menggugat kedaulatan Melayu dan Raja2 Melayu, yang kita berjuang selama ini. Hidup UMNO, hidup Raja Melayu, hidup Melayu dan Maju ISLAM dalam Malaysia.
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