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Synopsis of Heat and Dust Movie.... Adapted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala from her Booker Prize-winning novel , Heat and Dust is the story of two English women living in India more than fifty years apart. Olivia (Greta Scacchi) shares a troubled marriage with Douglas Rivers (Christopher Cazenove), an English civil servant in the colonial India of the 1920s. Anne, Olivia’s grand niece (Julie Christie), comes to the subcontinent — thirty years after the sun has set on the British empire — to investigate Olivia’s life, which her family regarded as “something dark and terrible.” Shortly after her passage to India in 1923, the beautiful young Olivia finds herself bored by English colonial social circles — she wonders how people who lead such exciting lives could remain so dull —though she is entranced by India itself. Olivia is introduced to the Nawab of Khatm (Shashi Kapoor), a romantic and decadent minor prince who enjoys a Forsterian intimacy with his British confidant, Harry (Nickolas Grace). The willful Englishwoman begins going to Khatm to spend time with the Nawab and they fall in love, engaging in an affair that is not without wrenching consequences in her public and private lives. In the present day of the film, Anne investigates Olivia’s past with Inder Lal (Zakir Hussain), her Indian landlord. Anne finds herself both in the same rooms and in the same predicament as her ancestress, as she herself becomes involved in a romantic entangelment with an Indian man. Heat and Dust cross-cuts between the lives of the two women as Anne discovers — and then seems to repeat — the scandal that her independent-minded ancestor caused two generations before. Anne must then re-assert her own independence, fifty years later. —Merchant Ivory Productions
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