T PRESS RELEASE on RECENT AL QAEDA THREAT ON INDIA New Delhi 4th Sept 2014-09-04 Reacting to Ayman al Zawahri video tap calling Indian Muslim to join him and coming to Kashmir and Gujarat etc Dr T A Rehmani President Muslim Political Council of India said that Indian Muslim are living in more peace and safe manner in India in comparison to any other so called Muslim country. He said Indian Muslim are only Muslims who enjoy free and fair poll through equal democratic rights guaranteed by our constitution only we as Muslim do have a right to choose our own Government with our free will with rest of the our non Muslim brother equally. Dr Rehmani Said that organizations like Al Qaeeda, Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, AL Shabab have nothing to do with Islam nor they are doing any Jihad whatever they are committing is a crime against humanity notwithstanding any of Islamic teachings. Such organizations are nothing but puppets of US, Israel, and kingdoms like gulf countries to create Islamophobia and to marginalize Muslims all over the world. He Questioned leaders of such organizations as to what they have contributed to Islam during last 35 years of their so called armed struggles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya etc. and also where were all these so called caliphs while Gaza was being ruined by Israeli forces just last month killing innocents Muslim kids why they didn’t go for any jihad in Gaza. DR Rehmani who has returned very recently from Syria and Turkey said everywhere in the world these forces has destructed house of Muslims, killed them enmass and displaced them in their own countries to an extent beyond imagination. These forces are only targeting Muslims and urge them to be isolated from the civil society and live in camps all over the world while destructing their houses snatching their lands and depriving them from their livelihood. President of MPCI appeals to all Indian Muslim and social organization to condemn Al Zawahri and any such organization for their malafied design and ignore them absolutely. He said Indian Muslims are facing many kind discriminations, violence, riots, unequal opportunities, marginalization etc but still we are all capable to fight all such atrocities with other marginalized classes through more active participation in our democratic political system so we don’t need Jihad in India. Indian Muslim Youth must ignore such sick calls from armed robbers of west Asian deserts. Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani
Posted on: Thu, 04 Sep 2014 12:22:07 +0000

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