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TALES FROM THE ROAD... And so it was that yesterday the Deuce would break down on me on the Oceanside boardwalk, near the pier, on a super duper busy Saturday no less! A bunch of fit young lads gave me a push so I could get out of the traffics way and assess what was going on. The crowd gathered to watch. LOL. Pretty soon my friend Brett, Charlie and a few more passer-bys also had their head under the hood. LOL. Luckily I carry a number of spare parts with me and was able to change my ignition coil on the fly. Car started beautifully after that and the crowd gave a round of applause LOL. Wish I could say that solved all my problems... But no, it didnt. Had to pull over again 3 miles later, then Collin and little Butch came down to help us, and gave it a try. Problem being intermittent, and the deuce being on his best behavior while they were there (it figures), they were not able to pin point the problem, but had a couple theories. Barely made it home, randomly stalling on and off over the next 10 miles...I got to go under the dash today hunt down possible lose connections that may be the culprit... Yep, fuel pump my character said in the film. Would be funny if thats what it turns out to be (faulty wiring connecting fuel pump is my latest gut feeling) . PS: Special THANKS to Brett for following me all the way back to base camp and making sure I didnt get stranded. You are a sweet heart!
Posted on: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 16:40:48 +0000

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