THANKS TO THE VETERANS FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF THE U.N. DISABILITY TREATY, WHICH WILL ENSURE THAT THE WORLD IS ACCESSIBLE FOR TRAVEL. THERE IS MUCH MORE SUPPORT TO SHOWN BY CALLING AND EMAILING OUR SENATORS PLUS GOING TO SUPPOR GATHERINGS, SO THE TREATY WILL BE VOTED ON NEXT WEEK. From: Kathleen OLeary To: Signers of U.S. Senators, vote YES on the ratification of the UN Treaty, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Subject: HELP WITH RATIFYING CRPD THIS MONTH PLEASE HELP WITH RATIFYING CRPD THIS MONTH BY CALLING OR EMAILING SENATOR GRASSLEY AND HARKIN AND PARTCIPATING IN SUPPORT GATHERINGS The CRPD passed out the Committee with a vote of 12 to 6 and some good R.U.D.s, amendments \ reservations. One of these being that the CRPD wont interfere with home schooling. This is good news, thanks to everyone for signing the petition, passing it on and calling or emailing Senators in support of ratifying the CRPD. However, there is a lot of phone calling or emailing to do if CRPD gets on the floor for a vote before the end of July when the Senators go home for the summer, which is the goal. The emphasis is on everyone calling or emailing Senators Grassley and Harkin asking them to please push the CRPD to the Senate floor and vote YES to ratify the CRPD. In order to bring this to the floor, we should call Senator Harry Reid. The opponents to CRPD are flooding the phone lines with oppositions to the Disability Treaty. Don’t forget to thank Senator Harkin for all of his hard work on this Treaty. The phone numbers for the Senators in D.C are as follows: Grassley phone is 202-224-3744 Reid phone is 202-224-3542 Harkin phone is 202-224-3254 Please pass the petition on. To email go to the following: The same for Harkin and Reid Former Senator Bob Dole, who was on the National Conference Call on the CRPD, said that Iowa Senator Grassley needs to be called. Dole talked with Grassley and Grassley was worried about the CRPD interfering with U.S. Sovereignty. However, the recent Supreme Court Decision, Bond vs. U.S., put this false fear to rest. According to this Decision, the CRPD can be ratified and still preserve U.S. Sovereignty as stated in public statement made by four Republican Senators, including John McCain. Next Tuesday, July 29th, will be a National CRPD Rally on the National Mall in D.C. It was suggested that localities have some events, like going to Senators offices on this day to show our support of the CRPD. In Des Moines, a group will go to the Senators’ offices at the Federal Building on July 29th around 1:00 PM, since the National Rally is at 12:45 PM You can notify me, if you can come to the gathering, [email protected] Hopefully, people can show up at this support gathering and people across Iowa will have other gatherings. Thank you for your advocacy, Kathleen O’Leary
Posted on: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 16:32:27 +0000

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