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THE EARTH - A LIVING CREATURE This is the message of a brief video created from NASA satellite imagery. “She is alive. She is awake and She loves us.” Joseph Burkes MD 2015 This was the theme of a kind of channeling experience that I had back in 1994 at Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico. It was an occurrence that Linda Irwin of the Unseen World calls a contact download.” I was meditating 600 feet underground just an hour before closing time. I sat alone in a small amphitheater cut into the rock face. With no expectations of results I decided to reach out with my mind and try to contact with Earth Mother. Soon two beings appeared in my minds eye. Dressed in the garb of medieval pilgrims, I was informed that I could not interface with her directly, but through them a link could be made. What followed was an awake dream that was so poignant because it combined striking visual imagery with emotion and thought. The message that I “received” was as follows. The Earth is like a beautiful woman, alive and awake and conscious of her reproductive power. Her love for all of her children, plants, animals, including us was profound. But humankind felt to her like a pest. The rivers and oceans her life’s blood, the mountains her skin and the forests her fur, were infested with a blight called man. So a cleansing was called for and this brought her sadness. Brief images of devastation flashed through my mind. Like a forest animal that dives into a lake to cleanse her fur, I saw walls of water, tsunamis, hitting the coasts. Earthquakes smashed cities that have replaced her shores and plains. But like a mother preparing to give birth, volcanic islands rose from the ocean floor to make new land, new homes for more of her beloved creatures. I appreciate the work of those who created this brief YouTube video that gave me pause to remember a strange bittersweet experience of more than twenty years ago. https://youtube/watch?v=JZXErLns1mM
Posted on: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 21:04:49 +0000

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