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THE HORSE THAT SAVED MY LIFE... with Valentino Shaetano On this day, year 2001 We had a near death experience. I usually only celebrate my life on this day in my mind but I literally could not sleep about it and even got emotional after so many years. This is also a tribute to my deceased childhood friend Ossel Gumbs, We both used to take care of horses at the St.peters Horse Stall, not to far from the old Sheik Supermarket and St.Maarten Academy high school. On a quiet night walking home from the library in Philipsburg to St.Peters / Ebenezer because we had no money for bus fair, Leon and I just talking and joking around - All was well. As we approach St.Johns ranch (walking on the right side of the road) I heard a loud screech from a horse. As I look ahead I see it was Black Stallion and I thought to myself what is he doing here? Right away I said to Leon hey man lets see whats up with that horse He said cool. We started crossing the road diagonally ( so it took a lot longer than usual). Almost over to the other side we hear a HARD Bang. In panic off course we turn around only to see a Suzuki Vitara (grey) that just hit the divider and was on its way into the open ditch which we as locals complained about for many many years. In that jeep were 4 marines from the US Navy Boat that often came to aid the island. The jeep landed upside down killing two of the four men upon impact. Leon and I ran to help these soldiers and I remember only one of the two alive being able to free himself and get out. He was screaming and crying and speaking 4 languages trying to beg assistance to help free his colleagues. Shortly after he learned that two had passed away and one was left in critical condition to this day. Their names will remain unknown respectively. When all settled we then realised that right where that jeep had landed was the exact location wed be walking if not distracted by that horse. I look over to see if I could finally assist that horse and he was no where to be found. I go home to my parents crying and frightened for what I had witnessed, they consoled me gently even-though I got home way pass my curfew. ;-) I go to the stall the next day and there was Black Stallion just chilling and looking at me. Astonished I began crying like man It was an angel of God that allowed him to get away and catch my attention briefly. Thats the reason we are alive. On this day Dec 1 2014: I not only celebrate our lives but also mourn the loss of those soldiers in that tragic event. I still pray for healing for the minds of the two who survived. Leon (Valentino Sheatano) I hope you are well. its been many years since weve spoken but I never forget my brother. All in all I say Thank you God for watching over us. - Gabe Smith -
Posted on: Mon, 01 Dec 2014 11:19:32 +0000

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