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THE ISIS PAPERS BY FRANCES WELSING Black fear and the failure of black analytical ideological commitment (June 1979) It is known that extremely high level of fear and a profound sense of vulnerability of existence can lead the human brain-computer into ineffectual patterns of circular thought. In such cases, problems perceived are avoided and never solved. This is in direct contrast to effective patterns of direct linear thought that move continuously forward in a straight line progress, from problem perception and depth analysis to proposed conclusive molds of problem solution. This holds for individuals as well as collectives. The sense of powerlessness evolves out of fear and vulnerability and,with its imposed patterns of circular (as opposed to linear) thought, sets the stage for mental (behavioral and emotional( illness, which is always seen at levels of increased incidence amongst oppressed populations. Circular thought means moving from problem perception, away from problems solution down a diversionary path, and back again to problem perception. This may then be followed by worrying and obsessive complaining. There is never consistent motion towards problem solution because to do so would challenge and alter the power dynamic of oppression. Thus high-level fear is set in motion. THE ISIS PAPERS BY FRANCES WELSING
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