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THE LOST ACTIVISTS The case of international activists who are removed from direct experience of the reality of the matter is a real one and is a problem also . The fact that they are not connected with events that are directly happening on the ground makes them dependent on sources when they cannot have access to the right information , If they cannot find their way through , they will have to connect to people. If they fall in the hands of misinformants , they are done with. They will become totally mislead . They say they have global friends who know what is happening- like Cartalucci for example- and who feed them with information . The truth is that these friends are not real ones . for the most they have some kind of agenda that they are implementing for a certain personal benefit , and they use the activist - that has mobilized himself and his skills but lacks real insight and discrimination- to serve their agenda . The activist ends up thus serving something that is alien to his real genuine intentions while had he been a local activist he would have managed much better . Let us take for example the common case of a foreign activist who is set against the Muslim Brothers . This is quite common and many do not know what Muslim brothers are and they mistake them for terrorists and start campaigning against them without knowing that most Muslim Brothers are not terrorists and have nothing to do with terrorism and in most cases they are not even armed and never have been nor do they have a militia or ever had one . This is the case of the Muslim Brothers of Egypt - for example - and also those of Lebanon and of Muslim Brothers in other countries - as well- who have been around for decades. . All this anti Muslin Brothers campaign is due to the fact that the Palestinian Armed Resistance of HAMAS comes from the Palestinian Muslim Brothers and you can guess - of course - who is behind such a campaign. As much as you repeat to those people that the Muslim Brothers of Egypt are finished , they have been deposed and killed and banned after they have served the purpose of drawing HAMAS to the sectarian alignment away from Iran , Now, they are done with and hundreds of them have been sentenced to death and also the president is threatened with a similar sentence and they have become helpless and asking the authorities to lift the ban so that they can resume their activity without success . As much as you repeat this reality , these people seem to have no ears. Finally, an activist should rely on his own activist senses and his own capacity and insight and be objective and somehow balanced in his judgement and try to educate himself as much as possible in the material he wants to master . if he is sincere he will be properly guided no doubt .
Posted on: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 20:28:35 +0000

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