THE PARROT WHY EBOLA IS FAST ESCALATING IN SIERRA LEONE? WRITTEN BY: DAVID YUSUF KABIA. I feel very sorry for these valuable lives this deadly virus has had it toll on especially Dr. Khan. May your souls and all the faithfully departed continue to rest in peace. If we could think aback, it would spot no doubt that this virus at its initial age was only a living one to our ears. On daily basis then, we did not only hear but some of us were able to see through various technology media the remains of victims in Guinea. Yes we saw!! But the question is, what did we do as a nation to safeguard its people like a hen does in the wake of rain and thunder lightening? Here are my answers: 1. GOVERNMENTS FAILURE TO SEAL ALL BORDERS. As expected of any responsive administration, I feel that the government of Sierra Leone by not shutting down the borders of this country during the existence of the virus in Guinea was a show of poor administration and an irresponsive act to such an emergency. At international law, an emergency is one of the reasons a state could proffer as a defence for closing its borders at its neighbour. Ivory Coast and Senegal did exactly so. Why not Sierra Leone that hangs on the harms of Guinea? This is how we invited war in Sierra Leone in 1991 after receiving warning from Charlse Taylor. Our borders were as free as a mad woman that any man could have. And then, what happened? The war easily landed in Sierrra Leone and took away thousands of lives, placed us backward and left many of our brothers and sisters amputated. Same A.P.C? 2. POLITIKING Another very important reason for the escalation of this deadly virus in our midst is the fact that the government of Sierra Leone has been downplaying the existence of the virus for political reasons. A public declaratory statement by government then, about the existence of the Ebola virus would have brought us early aid but in turn, would have driven the alreadly swollen presence of international envoys and investors like Addax Bioenergy, African Minerals and most if not all, diplomats. At this mixture, it is of utmost importance to remind some of you here on Facebook that molested and said all sort of ill statements against Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden when she decided to be so patriotic and bold to speak up about the early presence of the Ebola virus in our midst. She was called by many as false alamist, lie woman and so on. If only govenment had adhered, and put the lives of citizens of this country above political gains, we may not have landed here. This same politiking was seen here in Makeni when authorities went on air to negative a report of an Ebola case in to have Addax stay because the news had caused them to shut down that day and dismissed all workers. Therefore, I believe that the government of Sierra Leone about all this from the embyronic stage but decided to gamble the issue. As we struggle without Dr. Khan (late) to swim to the dry land, I only pray that this shark in the sea would not devour us all. GOD PROTECT US!!
Posted on: Sat, 02 Aug 2014 20:23:44 +0000

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