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THE POWER OF ASKING QUESTION When you arrive a new environment, try to find out what was obtainable there. If you assume a new office ask some pertinent questions that will help you find out what is obtainable in that place before, try to know those that make things happen in that place, and how did the predecessors able to achieve their dreams and such questions like that. In America, before an individual is given the opportunity to hold a public office, first of all he/she is placed under intensive questioning (Debate) in order to bring out the best in that person. By doing this, visionary leaders are identified, weak ones and those that will quickly quit under pressure are also identified, and through this good, intelligent and visionary leaders are produced. Let us in this country begin to ask our intending leaders their mission in contesting for the position they intend to run for, let us begin to create a panacea that will help eliminate non-visionary leaders out of our polity, how much do you know that place you are working presently, trying to know it well, will assist you to gain your footing in that organization. Begin to apply this today into your leadership process and you will see a dramatic exploit you will make within the shortness of the time. THE POWER OF ASKING QUESTIONS – THE SECRET OF GREAT LEADERSHIP ACHIEVERS. ‘Marcel’
Posted on: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 08:04:04 +0000

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