THE REINSURGENCE AND REINCARNATION OF CHARLES TAYLOR SHALL CERTAINLY MAKE THE CORUPT ELLEN LOOK LIKE A SAINT. ANY ATTEMPT BY HIS SURROGATES TO REVIVE THE WAR CRIMINAL REGIME SHALL BE MET WITH THE FULLL FORCE OF HEAVEN AND BE CRUSHED AND QUASHED. NO HUMAN BLOOD DRINKERS AND SATANIC WORSHIPPERS SHALL EVER LEAD THE HOLY LAND OF LIBERIA. WE will break them with a rod of iron[b]; WE will dash them to pieces like pottery.” Why do the nations conspire[a] and the peoples plot in vain? The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, I will proclaim the Lord’s decree: He said to me, “You are my son; today I have become your father. Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will break them with a rod of iron[b]; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, YOUR SECRET PLANS AND MEETINGS HAVE BEEN EXPOSED IN THE HEAVENLY AND SHALL BE CRUSED ON PLANET EARTH. CONTINUE TO HAVE YOUR DIABLOLICAL MEETINGS TO HI-JACK THE NATION LIBERIA WITH YOUR WITCH DOCTORS WORKING FOR YOU. IT HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO THE SERVANT OF GOD AND IT IS CRUSHED IN THE NAME OF JESUS. KEEP WAITISNG YOUR TIME. WE SEE ALL YOUR INNER SECRETS. IT HAS BEEN REVEALED BY THE ALMIGHTY GOD. THERE IS NO ROOM IN LIBERIA FOR CHARLES TAYLOR AND HIS SURROGATES. NO MORE POWER FOR CHARLES TAYLOR WARLOCK CHILDREN MISQUERADING AS POLITICANS OR GOOD SAMIRATIANS WITH AN ATTEMPT TO HI-JACK THE NATION LIBERIA AT THE EXPLOIT OF THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE. LET ME TELL YOU, GOD WILL NOT ALLOW THAT. KEEP MAKING YOUR SATANIC SACRIFICES. WE WILL QUASH YOUR PLAN WITH ONE WORD FROM GOD. WHAT GOD SHOW US, WE CAN CRUSH. HE GIVES US THE AUTHORITY TO CRUSH WHAT HE SHOWS US. KEEP PLANING AND WAITING YOUR TIME. YOU ARE CRUSHED, SONS OF THE DEVIL. DA your secret plan you guys are about to plan, God has shown it to us and we crush it before it even take off. Your can unite and it will not work in the Name of Jesus. No plan to exploit the masses at the expense of a few will ever work in Liberia again. We will crush it before it take off. Even your Molly man won’t help; the Zo, Poro, won’t help you. THIS POSTING IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY AND IT DOESN’T MATTER WHETHER YOU LIKE IT, BELIEVE ITOR NOT. TRUST ME, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE IN IT AND YOU CAN’T DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT. WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT IS IRREVELANT TO THE FACTS PRESENTED. SO JUST READ AND MOVE ON. YOUR INPUT IS NOT SOLICITED. THIS IS A SPIRTUAL MATTER AND YOU HAVE THE LEAST INKLING AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON NOR WAHT TO DO. SO JUST READ ANS PASS ON. This is prophetice. this simply means that I am sharing informtion with you from the spirtual realm that I have the privilege to see. But don’t worry, if you can see in the spirtual realm , you have the authority to destory anything illegal in the spiritual realm. There is no secret on planet earth that can be hidden from God’s servants. Unless God does not want them to know. So your dirty deals done in secret, God will reveal them to us. Don’t ask me for evidence, it is a privilege for you that I share the inner secrets of God with you. I don’t owe you a damn piece of evidence or further explanation. Your group plan for the reemergence of Charles Taylor and his surrogates is noting but an interuption to God’s plan and is quashed. Infact, it is quashed as I write and speak in the Name of Jesus. God did not reveal it for me to ponder about it but to crush it in His Name. NO amount of money will resurrect Taylor and his cronies and surrogates. Not the stolen Liberian money. This is a spiritual matter and will be dealt with, with the superior spiritual force, the blood of Jesus. BEWARE YOU SATNIC SPIRITUAL FORCES, THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS COMING TO GET RID OF YOU TOO. God only open the window and allow us to glance into the spiritual realm to see the plans of the enemies of Liberia. What a great God. Use your stolen wealth wisely or else you will pay the consequences. God will decide your fate and not men. Keep it secret to yourself. But you know you had your meeting and planned and I was not there but I am exposing it. Go back to your Mollymen pekins. We are dealing with Higher powers here. God brought a video of your plan right in my bedroom. Two rooms in one. Group sitting in both rooms. Dont worry. God brought it to my attention to destroy your plans. It is detrimental to the Liberian people you rogues. BEWARE OF THE REMERGENCE OF THE NPFL AS SOME OTHER POLITICAL PARTY OR GROUP OR AN ATTEMPT TO ABSORB POLITICAL PARTIES. Let’s bar them by infoming the voters of their selfish and clandestine agenda to hi-jack and seize power to exploit the resources of the nation, Liberia, at the expense of the Libeiran people and only to control by the barrel of the guns and secret killings. Their only objective is to repeat the misery and mayhem of Charles Taylor brought upon the Liberian people. Beware of their spiritual forces and satanic human blood drinking for power. Human blood drinking suckers. THEIR REEMERGENCE WILL CERTAINLY MAKE THE CORRUPT ELLEN GOVERNMENT LOOK LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH. NO TALIGAGE PARTY FOR THEM BEFORE THE 2017 GAME. THEIR LEADERS SHALL ALL BE SIDELINE AND AS THEY AWAIT THE 2017 OUTCOME. THEIR FUTURE SHALL BE DETERMINED BY THE CHOSEN ONES. RMEMBER THE SATANIC CORRUPT LEADER OF NPFL IS BEHIND BAR FOR CRIMES AGAINST HuMANITIES AND THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE,(SIERRA LEONE);There is no room or tolerance in Liberia for Charles Taylor babarism, mayhem and crimes against humanites nor his selfish greed for the exploitation of the Liberian resources. Keep an eye out for his original followers and organizers including new recruits who think that they can hi-jack the nation Liberia and steal the blessigns of the people for their pocket book /bank account while the masses suffer. Just be alert. Just be alert. Charles Taylor surrogates are getting together for a united front to take Liberia over again. But when the Holy Ghost shows you something, you have the power to crush it. I crush and dismantle this group before its manifestation on planet earth. There is no room for Charles Taylor dismal leadership with all its atrocities in Liberia. May God bless Liberia and the Liberian people and heal the nation from Ebola. Liberia shall celebrate an Ebola Free Christmas. We would rather have trusteeship than to be led by the terriost, Charles Taylor , and his surrogates and cronies. Even the mafia is better than Charles Taylor and his surrogates. SO WATCH OUT FOR THE CHARLES TAYLOR SURROGATES MISQUERADING AS POLITICIANS WITH HIDDEN AGENDA TO EXPLOIT THE MASSES AND THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA. Anyone affiliated or conncected with Charles Taylor must be monitored. They are ready to spend their stolen wealth to come and hi-jacked the nation to commit more robbery and mayhem. They are formulating thier evil plans in the spirtual realm but let them be crushed in the name of Jesus. The Lord did not reveal their hidden plan to me to keep it hidden but to expose it and crush it in the name of Jesus and to let all God fearing Liberians and others that love Liberia to be mindful and aware of the remergence of the monster Chucky Taylor and his NPFL incognito. They are planning for the oil revenue and the wologizi revenue. Nothing but to steal all. We crush any form of organiztion by the Charles Taylor group and surrogates to zero. The blood of Jesus shall certainly destory them in any form that they adopt. GOD BLESS LIBERIA.
Posted on: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 06:52:12 +0000

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