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TODAY IN HISTORY 20 June 2006 Three Palestinian bystanders, including two children, are killed and 14 wounded in the town of Jabalya in a failed IOF attempt to assassinate a group of Qassam fighters. 2000 In Ras Sudr, Sinai, workers discover a mass grave containing the remains of 52 Egyptian soldiers presumed to have been executed by Israeli forces in the 1967 War. 1999 In a statement at the end of their meeting in Cologne, G8 leaders call on Israel and the Palestinians to immediately and fully implement the Wye Agreement. They ask for a stop to any unilateral activities that may pre-empt the results of final status negotiations, which they urge to be ended within one year. 1990 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee meets with FBI officials to discuss unsolved 1985 assassination of Alex Odeh; ADC accuses Israel of sheltering the killers, urges US pressure on Israel to solve case. 1928 (20-27 June) Seventh Palestinian National Congress convened in Jerusalem; established a new 48-member Executive Committee.
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