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*******************TOP 10 GA QUESTIONS******************** (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) [1] Which State has declared Emergency over outbreak of Ebola Virus? A: Namibia B: Libya C: Liberia D: Mali Ans:(C) Liberia [2] Which of the species known as natural host of Ebola Virus? A: Sparrow B: Fungi C: Fruits Bats D: Mosquito Ans:(C) Fruits Bats [3] Who has been appointed as Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court? A: Ranjana Paintal B: Manjulla Chellur C: M J Joseph D: Gopal Subramanium Ans:(B) Manjulla Chellur [4] Governor Kamla Beniwal has been removed, she was Governor of which state? A: Rajasthan B: Assam C: Mizoram D: Manipur Ans:(C) Mizoram [5] Robert Frederick Panara has died, he was associated with which field? A: Human rights protection B: Deaf Studies C: Womens right D: Environmentalist Ans:(B) Deaf Studies [6] Construction of worlds tallest Railways bridge began at which place A: Tura(Meghalaya) B: Shimla C: Leh D: Noney(Manipur) Ans:(D) Noney(Manipur) [7] Which Temple complex will be renovated by Indian assistance in Nepal? A: Shiva Temple B: Pashupatinath Temple C: Hanuman Temple D: Dakshinaawatar Temple Ans:(B) Pashupatinath Temple [8] Who has been selected as first Artist in Residence in Rashtrapati Bhawan? A: Raj Bhadur Singh B: Muzzafar Ahmed C: Javed Akhtar D: Jogen Chowdhary Ans:(D) Jogen Chowdhary [9] Which Award is often considered as Asias Nobel Prize A: Bharat Ratna B: National Sadbhavna Award C: Ramon Magsaysay D: Gandhi Peace Prize Ans:(C) Ramon Magsaysay [10] 21st Commonwealth Games will be held at which place A: Toronto B: New Delhi C: Gold Coast, Australia D: London Ans:(C) Gold Coast, Australia
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