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TOTALLY SHAKEN was my reaction after watching the latest TV Commercial for Tanishq yesterday. Though many of us have already watched, still I cant help sharing the link once again. Here it is: https://youtube/watch?v=0UlGjPDo9iE Now the point is the part it touches, it is REMARRIAGE. Albeit it has been legal in India since 1856, thanks to Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and East India Company, still it never got its NOC from the conservative mind of India. Hardly we give it a thought (unless forced to do so by the situation). The dichotomy regarding Remarriage is the elephant in the room; keeping a safe distance we advocate for it but again we find it a bit bothersome when it comes too close. We applause the courage of a man/woman going to marry a widow/widower, but we hardly bother to show the same courage. We empathize the situation of a widow/widower (specially the one blessed with offspring) but never come forward to extend a sharing (not helping) hand. Coming to the ad, first of all, kudos to Tanishq (for supporting the cause), Lowe,Lintas & Partners (for conceptualizing the idea), Gauri Shnde (for the splendid direction) and the actors specially the guy as the groom(I dont know his name), Priyanka bose, Tia. The whole story starts with the bride & her daughter getting ready for the marriage ceremony. The daughter accompanies her mother to the mandap. Later, the young girl insists that she wants to take the round round with her mother but is told to keep quiet. On seeing her dejected, the groom carries the little one in his arms and performs the pheras. Phew a sigh of relief for the bride as it really becomes bothering whether the new partner will accept the child with both hands or not. Tanishq killed two bird with one stone. First the ad conform the commercial communication intendedfor the brand, which is Contemporary jewelry with an emphasis on contemporary, with which goes with the tagline A wedding to remember. It’s also received a fair share of brickbats from users who blamed the makers for ripping off an old ad from Femina magazine (vimeo/13511515), And some users alleged double standards. Tanishq recently launched a Karva Chauth app, which helped users with a “detailed compilation of traditional rituals that new couples away from home can use for the festival” among other things, according to a statement from the brand. Still I liked it. Secondly and most importantly, it acts as an eye opener for most of us. Tata group(no offense to others) has been always there for the country(remember Jago Re campaign) and popular TV serials are touching the very issue, yet this ad is beautiful just in its own way. I would like to accentuate few points in the TVC which are hard to miss, 1. An average looking(dusky rather than a glaring one) bride 2. A not-so-pompous wedding ceremony (I guess as it is the second one) 3. Barely verbal communication (except Tia the child actor), which makes the ad transcend language barrier effortlessly. 4. The choice of colors 5. The background score (specially when the groom takes the child in his lap) and many more 6. The elegant presence of Priyanka Bose and her matured facial expressions I wish there had no verbal communication specially at the end when the child asks aaj se daddy bulayun?. The ad touches the issue known by all but realized by few. I have hardly experienced such an occasion in my life but am aware (if not well aware) of the potential problem of the widow/widower and specially the child(if there is any) as the child bears the brunt i most of the cases. I am not claiming that this ad will shift the paradigm, start a new era, revive Rammohan Roy or Iswarchandra Vidyasagar inside us; but it puts a mirror in front of everybody, makes one look within oneself. It coaxes to think (if not act) for the cause at least. I hope we will experience more and more such subsequent bold and unabashed attempts regarding social causes. At the end of the day again I take my hat off to all those who contributed in the class act.
Posted on: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 19:36:45 +0000

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