#TRANSFERED AGGRESSION STRATEGY ON #UDOMGABRIELEMMANUEL2015PROJECT Its common knowledge that #UGE is a Superior Brand compared to the REST. To beat #UGE notorious Political Crooks have resorted to smearing him with fictitious stories. Now,that any one can write from a cubicle at ease and feed our hungry minds with unimaginable junks,we cant believe all we read on facebook simply for having quotes and Pictures attached. Opponents of Udom2015 are yet out to get the gullible to believing that #UdomGabrielEmmanuel is Akpabios Third Term Project. Nothing could be Further from the Truth. No doubt,HE Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio is a limit breaker. Breaking the limit of Succession In Akwa Ibom Is What I personally endorse. That UGE is Destined to Succeed Akpabio does not make it Akpabios Third Term Project. When UOU was SSG and we all believed he was the key as my good Friend Henry Akpabio used to stress then,it was never considered as Akpabios third Term Project. If Akpabio had blessed Nsima Ekere,Etteh,UOU,OBA, Ntekim or any other,would the Third Term,one Family monarchy attacks have been a part of our over heated Polity? If UGE is perplexed at all,its not any making of his,but I know he is a man with a CALM mind and Spirit,who knows that given the Chance and Space as Predestined from the Foundation of the world,he remains a man of his word and Character as Governor of Our Great Akwa Abasi Ibom state come 2015. It is not any FAULT of his that Destiny has Chosen him out of the whole bunch. I have always asked Should God take permission from anyone before Blessing you? Dont Blame Udom,It is Not his fault that Destiny is Smiling on Him. This Foolhardy attempt by some to tarnish UGEs Character with stories of Secret deals and Family ties with Akpabios is but nother failed project. If Akpabio needed a Dummy to hand over to,it couldnt have been UGE. If Akpabio needed a Yes Sir man,when he becomes Senator,it couldnt have been UGE. HE Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio is a world class leader and UGE is no less a Five Star Success story. One thing common with Lies,is their Inability to stand alone. A single Lie must be supported with a thousand,yet they always end crumbling. You will hear some say; I have nothing against UGE,its Just that Akpabio is acting as if He owns Akwa ibom State. The Problem with this people is their Inability to embrace the confidence of a success Story called Godswill Obot Akpabio. When Inferiority meets Confidence she calls her Arrogance. Dear Compatriots,Assess UGE on grounds of Merit and Pedigree. Judge him from his Experience and Character. Survey facts and rely not on fictions. Embrace this future,for time and Chance happens to us all. UGE is not Akpabios Third Term Bid,UGE is but an Ambassador of Uncommon Transformation continuity. You must separate Akpabio as a Person from Akpabio,the Uncommon Transformer,just as in the Person of Jesus Christ,you would hear him address himself sometimes as The Son of Man and at other Times as The Son of God. If you dont like Akpabio for anything,dont forget to appreciate him for the good roads,the fly overs,the Stadium, The Tropicana and human capacity projects too numerous to mention. Detach UGE from the presumed Monarchy of the Akpabios being insinuated by haters of good governance. They exist many who while in place of Authority,their Church suffers in Poverty,their family begs on the street,their Neighbors gate crash for zero crumbs. Too many have left governance with no good road to their villages. Akpabios Crime is his shaming of the incompetence of others. Dont fight UGE simply for Akpabio being who he is; without Akpabio, wealth would still have been in the hands of a few cabals of the 90s mafia,but check out the history of boys whom he has turned into men in so short a Time Frame. Change is the Only Constant Thing and UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL is that Change we youths of this Great state Desperately need. Join: FRIENDS OF UDOM EMMANUEL ON FACEBOOK today. FRIENDS OF UDOM EMMANUEL....The Ultimate Link to the People. Micheal Okon(ACE),writes from Ituk Mbang Village,Uruan LGA. 07036688283.
Posted on: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 09:08:39 +0000

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