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Tahukah anda setiap penyakit seperti kanser,sakit jantung, darah tinggi,hilang ingatan,tulang lemah dan banyak lagi timbul disebabkan kekurangan zat galian harian.Semua masalah ini boleh diatasi dengan product kita iaitu Miracle Drop.Kepada bakal2 networking yang minat sila layarilah website kita oceangolds2u atau hubungi 011-11133431 untuk keterangan lanjut. 1. What is Miracle Drop? Miracle Drop is pure, highly concentrated Marine Minerals derived from the ocean - with reduced Sodium Chloride. Miracle Drops is a liquid soup of highly complex macro and trace minerals in the form and ratios provided by nature that are readily compatible with the bodys requirements, to sustain and promote life as well. Miracle Drops contains trace elements to support 20,000 hormonal functions of the human body. Miracle Drops is 100% Natural. 100% Engineered by Nature. 2. Where does it come from ? Miracle Drops originates in the pristine Ocean Waters off the Great Barrier Reef – the largest Ocean World Heritage area in Australia famous worldwide for its very rich marine life. 3. Is this a chemical-base or drug-related product ? The beauty of Miracle Drops is that it is COMPLETELY FREE OF ANY CHEMICAL OR DRUG. It is merely Ocean Water in its most natural form, concentrated and sodium-reduced. It is registered in Malaysia with KKM under the Food Category (certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health). 4. Is Miracle Drop Halal for the Muslims? Miracle Drop is completely HALAL for Muslims as it has been certified by the International Halal Food Council for Malaysia and Asia. 5. How is Miracle Drops made? In a closely guarded location off the Great Barrier Reef, Ocean Water rich in the full range of natural minerals is allowed to slowly concentrate, forming a dense solution rich in minerals both macro and trace. Excess levels of sodium in crystalline form are gently removed from the solution. For many months through this long process, the solution is constantly monitored, and samples are repeatedly collected for analytical testing in an accredited Laboratory to ensure that the purity, consistency and concentration of minerals in this natural product is within the acceptable range for human consumption. The end product is a dense solution - naturally balanced and full of ionic trace elements with remarkably low sodium content (approximately 1-2%) - rich in up to 108 essential minerals that are beneficial to our bodies to remain healthy. 6. What does Miracle Drops do? Miracle Drop is a simple and convenient way to supplement your everyday mineral nutrition. It boosts hydration by providing ionic aid (electrolytes) to your body, combats acidosis and increases metabolism of nutrients. All in all, Miracle Drop provides all the essential 72 minerals your body needs to function optimally and avoid degenerative chronic illness. All these just via daily droplets into your drinking water. 7. Do I get enough of minerals daily? We gain minerals ONLY through the soil our food grows in. Unfortunately modern agricultural chemicals and technology has severely degraded the soil on which we rely so much. Governments manage this deficiency by adding minerals into the soil, however only a few major minerals are able to be added and not necessarily in the right proportions found in nature. Research however, has discovered that our oceans still contain the full range of minerals we need. Hence, the only way you can be assured of getting ALL the minerals your body requires to avoid illness and enjoy optimal health, is by taking a high quality natural marine mineral supplement like Miracle Drop. 8. I already consume Sea Salt. Why do I need Miracle Drop? Sea Salt is a fantastic alternative to ordinary table salt which has been over-processed and stripped of all mineral nutrients. However, strictly speaking, the much needed benefits of TRACE ELEMENTS found in the goodness of pure Ocean Water is lost when it is crystalised into solids. This is why Marine Minerals is a breakthrough in nutritional health. For the first time, we have the technology to maintain the goodness of ocean water in liquid form WITHOUT the high sodium content. Thus, we have an electrolyte solution that is perfectly balanced with ALL the Trace Elements required still INTACT, unlike sea salts which loses some of these mineral nutrients once it is completely dried up. 9. How MUCH Miracle Drop is needed on a daily basis? Up to (approximately) 20-30 drops daily. This is based on Magnesiums Recommended Dietary Index of 400mg. Each drop is approximately 3mg of Magnesium. The rest of the minerals i.e. Potassium, Calcium, Sodium are in much lesser quantities (as in our blood plasmas ratio) compared to Magnesium. At 20-30 drops of Miracle Drop, the Sodium intake is only about 90mg which is only 4% of the Recommended Dietary Index (RDI), which makes Miracle Drop VERY friendly to you if you are on a low sodium diet. Furthermore, as it is unprocessed sodium directly from the ocean, the sodium in Miracle Drops is far safer for your system than normal processed table salt. 10. Is it absolutely necessary to consume Miracle Drop on daily basis? Our modern diet contains far more acidic foods than is optimal for our bodies. Furthermore, given the lack of sufficient trace minerals we have been experiencing for YEARS, now is the best time to play catch up and give your body the chance to repair and renew itself into better health as the years advance. Then as you switch to fresher, more natural foods and maintain regular exercise and activity, you will be decreasing the internal age of your body. This will give you an advantage in your golden years where you will be far fitter for longer and enjoy the same quality of activities and entertainment as you are now! The decision to invest in your AGING PROCESS is well worth it, and its good to get ahead start! 11. Is Miracle Drop safe for everyone ? The naturally processed concentration of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other trace elements are determined by standard analytical procedures outlined by the American Public Health Association (APHA). Sample analysis are performed by the Food and Agricultural Laboratories of Australia for microbial content to ensure that the product always meets Australian and International food standards. Miracle Drop is also tested for oral toxicity and proves to be non toxic with no adverse acute effect when ingested. The sodium intake is less than 3% of your daily needs so if you already manage your sodium, it will not even make an impact. 12. Can I overdose on Miracle Drop ? Every individual is unique in its requirement and reaction, and the recommended dosage for Miracle Drops is considered low for the general distribution of people. However, you can be rest assured that Miracle Drops has been tested for toxicidity and is confirmed NON-TOXIC. An over-dose is most likely to be felt as your body reacting with discomfort, which usually results in a trip to the toilet in your bodys effort to discard the new uncomfortable element. If you do not already have a diagnosed illness, it is just your body adapting to the new mixture of nutrients until it rebalances itself and you can keep to the recommended dose. If you do have a diagnosed illness, then as you may already be coping with discomfort from your illness, and this is why it is better to start with a lower dosage so you can better manage your own comfort levels as your body adapt and heals. 13. Why do I feel tired after taking Miracle Drop ? Feeling tired is your body’s message that it needs to rest and focus on repairing and renewing. The physiology of the human body and the interaction with different food and minerals is complicated and research is constantly being done to better understand and explain it all. Basically, it means that your body is finally getting the right proportion of nutrients/minerals and is now able to ‘get to work’ on issues that have been neglected and as such it will send the message – ‘take a rest’. Take it during your evening meals and you may have the most refreshing sleep. In most cases, this tiredness will pass after a few days or so. In cases of extreme tiredness at a time when you cannot afford to slow down the pace of your life, reduce the dosage of Miracle Drop. It may take a little longer to see an improvement in your health, but it will gradually happen. 14. Why do I feel pain and body discomfort after taking Miracle Drop ? For some people, when the body and organs focus on the process of balancing or healing itself, some discomfort maybe experienced. Some common symptoms of ‘healing discomfort ‘ include Drowsiness, Headaches, Joint-aches, Increase/Decrease in appetite, Body Pains. People who live a mostly sedentary lifestyle (e.g. drivers, office staff) may especially notice some pain and discomfort after taking Miracle Drop. This is due to lack of practical body and muscle movement. As Miracle Drop starts improving all the body functions to better levels, the sudden change may cause discomfort for a few days until your body fully adjusts. This is a normal response and does go away. However, some people also experience more energy as part of their healing discomfort! Everyone is unique in this respect. 15. What if I do have a negative (bad) reaction after taking Miracle Drop ? Miracle Drop consists only of absolutely natural and safe non-toxic marine minerals so it is unlikely a chemical reaction causing you to feel bad. Drink plenty of water and if the symptom persists, consult a Physician/Doctor. The Trace Elements in Miracle Drop may be causing some of your bodys natural (even undiscovered) imbalances to surface as it works on restoring your bodys natural processes and it is best to seek medical attention in case there has been some dormant illness/imbalance in your body you have not noticed before that may need medical assistance now. Resume Miracle Drop with lesser drops and increase it slowly – daily/weekly so your body can adjust itself without the discomfort. 16. Why do I feel active/energetic after taking Miracle Drop ? Miracle Drop is ionic and FULL of electrolytes. This charges up your body. This is why athletes take energy drinks. Marine Minerals create a 100% natural energy drink! All you need to do is add 1 teaspoonsful of Miracle Drop to approximately 2 litres of water and drink that throughout the day. This makes the perfect electrolyte drink. 17. What is an electrolyte ? An electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that acts to become a solution to conduct electricity. A proper amount and distribution of electrolytes in the body is essential for health because our body is bio-electrical. Tiny electrical currents exist in the human body due to the chemical reactions that occur as part of the normal bodily functions. For example, nerves relay signals by transmitting electric impulses. Most bio-chemical reactions from digestion to brain activities go along with the rearrangement of charged particles. Even the heart is electrically active - an activity that your doctor can trace with the help of an electrocardiogram. Miracle Drop is a perfect electrolyte drink. 18. Can I take Miracle Drop with other supplements/medication? When? Wait half an hour before or after medication or other supplements to gain the full benefit from Miracle Drop. Your body works best being given time to adjust and adapt to the processes it needs to carry out with each supplement/medication you take. Miracle Drop is best taken at night during or after meals, so your body can absorb and process everything as you rest in sleep. 19. How does Miracle Drop compare to other food supplements? Other supplements may provide vitamins much needed by the body, but does not sufficiently address the critical problems related to Mineral Deficiency. Unless it comes directly from the ocean, there is no guarantee that a product will have ALL the Trace Elements required and in the natural proportions found in nature. Ocean Water is currently the only source of COMPLETE trace elements on the planet. Marine Minerals ONLY work well when consumed in LIQUID, ionic form and not as solids. Miracle Drop is Marine Minerals in a most readily-available-for-consumption form. It is guaranteed to contain the FULL RANGE of Trace Elements found in Ocean Minerals because it is a PURE Concentrate of Ocean Water. There is no additional juice or water added in the making of Miracle Drops to dilute the proportions of natural goodness found in the Ocean Waters it comes from. Miracle Drops is 100% NATURE ENGINEERED. Miracle Drops is also SODIUM-REDUCED. Without this Sodium-Reduction, Ocean Water becomes unsafe for human consumption due to the extreme levels of sodium that can be damaging to the human body. 20. Is Miracle Drop comparable to salt? Miracle Drop is derived from the ocean but it is NOTHING at all like the table salt we add into our cooking. Miracle Drop is full of the complete range of minerals and trace elements that is lacking in Table Salt. In fact, if we are over-consuming salt, Miracle Drops may help to balance it. 21. Why do I feel an elevated blood pressure after consuming Miracle Drop ? Miracle Drop works very fast as it is a pure liquid supplement. If the discomfort is NOT manageable – CUT down to half ( ½ ) dosage or less. Increase it daily until you are comfortable to handle the desired dosage. This discomfort is mostly because your bodys health is already compromised, and it will take time for it to naturally adjust to what may already be a major mineral-deficiency in your system. Rest assured that Miracle Drops is beneficial and your body is most likely experiencing ‘healing discomfort’. 22. Whats the dosage for Hyper/Hypo Tension? Its best to be cautious and start Miracle Drops at 1 drop, increasing the dosage over time according to how comfortable you are with the changes you feel. Give your body time to adapt to the sudden increase in Minerals and Trace Elements in your already mineral-deficient body. 23. What if I have Low Blood Pressure and Low Blood Sugar ? Your body most likely NEEDS the Marine Minerals to combat the mineral deficiency and lack of trace elements in your weakened system, however you need to cut down the recommended Miracle Drop dosage to half ( ½ ) or less. As for Elevated Blood Pressure, monitor your comfort levels. Increase the dosage gradually until you are comfortable to handle the optimal daily dosage. 24. Can children consume Miracle Drop? Yes, but with a mild/low dosage as they have smaller body mass. Children above 4 years – Not more than 5 drops daily mixed with water/juice/milk. 25. What is the benefit for children ? Children are at the crucial stage of growth and development. To ensure they are meeting their full development potential, it is best that your childs body has the COMPLETE RANGE of TRACE ELEMENTS required to maintain a good electrolyte balance, keep at optimal metabolism levels and avoid the modern problem of acidosis complications we now regularly face. Miracle Drop can aid in providing your children the complete range of essential minerals they require for an uncompromised immune system and an optimal internal environment for the growth and functioning of cells. In addition, balanced levels of electrolytes resulting from enough quality minerals also ensure optimal brain activity. Hence your child can enjoy uninterrupted good health so they can achieve their full potential to excel in school and at play. 26. Can I rely on Miracle Drop as an alternative to medicine? While research has shown that addressing Mineral Deficiency can lead to the cure of even chronic illnesses, taking Miracle Drop is in no way a replacement for whatever medical attention you are already getting for any ailments you may have. DO continue consulting your Physician/Doctor. Miracle Drops is meant to ACCELERATE your healing and maintain your bodys well-being. This does not mean however, that you should ignore all other aspects of health-care and depend on it solely. 27. What does Miracle Drop work best with for optimal health? If you are currently unwell and would like to see significant improvements in your health while consuming Miracle Drop, these are recommended practices: No red meat. This includes beef, veal, ham, bacon, mutton, lamb,sausages and pork. Free range fish and chicken are ok. Avoid shell fish. No Soy products (e.g. soy milk, tofu, etc.) unless fermented. No Microwave food or drinks. No Fluoride Toothpaste. Two heaping teaspoons Barley Green or Wheatgrass daily, mixed with water. Freshly made fruits and vegetable juices—use combinations of apples, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, celery and other fruits and veggies. Drink as much as you like. Incorporating good quantities of fresh food into your diet is extremely important. Eating whole meal products (such as whole meal bread, pasta, oats, and brown rice), in place of white bread, pasta or rice, as they provide much higher levels of essential nutrients. Vitamin B12 Zinc ( Mainly for men for prostate issues) once every second day for two months. Vitamin E (1000 I.U. per day) With Hanson Tan.
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