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Tanya got this message from Josh Weiner who is working in a refuge for refugees in Tel Aviv : Simple story, unbearably tragic: a computer engineer from Eritrea leaves his home in search of a better life. Hes kidnapped in Sudan, held for ransom in Sinai, hung by his hands, beaten, electrocuted. When his family finally raises the money to free him, he is thrown off at the Israeli border and left to fend for himself. Israeli soldiers find him, rush him to hospital, both hands are lifeless and have to be amputated. His dreams and his body are crushed. I have the honour of knowing this man, who has more strength, enthusiasm and self-confidence than most people I know with citizenship, rights and two functioning hands. Seeing him struggle through countless difficulties and keep calm and hopeful puts everything else in perspective. Now he is raising money to pay for surgery which could restore his hands, and help him return to his original dream, working as a computer engineer. You can donate money through the following link: gofundme/torture-victim Please consider donating and helping him rebuild his life. It would also help if you share the link and the story, either by forwarding this email to good people, or sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you, friends.
Posted on: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 19:26:39 +0000

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