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Testimonial of what R500 can do if you submit it to God. My Fiancé and I serve at Kingdom Age Network of Apostles and Prophets (K.A.N.A.P.).We serve under the leadership of our spiritual parents Symon & Carol Kariuki. One day after fellowship we were asked to take a Lady to a very small community that we had an out reach too. Though Laetitia and I had plans for lunch with a couple who have been mentors to us, yet we felt this was important. The Lady had mentioned a need for R500 during sunday service for her business that she had been blessed with but she didnt have electricity hence needed R500. At this point Laetitia had just translated a book for Mama Pearl Kupe from English to French and we had a little bit of money in hand. What was strange was before Apostle Pearl asked Laetitia to translate God had shown it to her in her dream. In the dream a woman with an American accent gave Laetitia the exact amount she was offered to translate the book. So we nicknamed it miracle money as the Lord had truly provided first in the vision and then physically. We had bought all we needed had R800 and were asking God how to use the rest. He then told us during this trip that we needed to give her R500, it was a very small amount yet a big chunk of what we had left. In obedience we gave it to her and encouraged her but this was the start of the testimony. Later that night her son was bitten in the neck by a deadly spider and needed to be rushed to hospital, they needed R200 to go from their isolated area to the nearest hospital. She used that money and her sons life was saved. She just had no words to thank God for giving her the money earlier that day as she had no other finances or anyone to help her. She said it changed her relationship with Father God so much that she started hearing his voice clearly and audibly. She had gained so much faith in God that she was led to raise another R200 and paid her electricity bill. Her boldness grew and she sold out half of her business stock in just one day and the business has been doing well since and this is still just the beginning of her testimony. God then told her to go warn a certain lady that she needed to stop cheating on her husband, that the Lord had told her that the husband would kill himself and possibly even the lady if he found out. The lady did not take her seriously, sadly later that week her husband killed himself after somehow finding out his wife was cheating. He miraculous didnt kill his wife and I believe it is because of the intercession the Lady had started. Though it is sad that an innocent man took his life we thank God that one life was saved. She told both her family and in-laws how her sons life was saved, her business saved and changed and how she now hears God clearly. Both families knew how bad the lady was suffering in the past and how stuck she was financially. They all gave their lives to Christ and are now born again believers as they have witnessed how clearly the Lord now speaks to their daughter. Be encouraged that God is real, and know further more please submit your financial decisions to the Holy Spirit. No matter how small it seems to you, if Father God could use two hundred rand to save a life!!! R500 to changed a business, save two whole families and radical transform a lady then how much more can he do with what you have in your hands?
Posted on: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 08:21:09 +0000

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