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Thanks fan Chris for pointing out this awesome response by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department: David Brown: What is the WRPD policy on citizens filming police officers? Id be well within my rights if i did choose to do so. WRPD: Mr. Brown, How nice it is for you to offer to film police officers. We do a large number of things in the community and while we try to get pictures, video would be great. Our involvement with the Special Olympics, like the Polar Plunge, the Torch Run, and the upcoming Over the Edge event. Our involvement with the kids at our Safety City during the summer. Our work with the Citizen Academy. The Safe Routes to School is another one that highlights the creative ways our department has worked in our community. The WRPPA Fishing Contest was just last month, but capturing the kids catching the fish on video would have been really cool. Our work with the Neighborhood Watch was actually highlighted and filmed on the River Cities Community Access and was very well done. Video of the number of prescription medications that people brought in would have shown how much medication is sitting in peoples medicine cabinets and how we package it and send it off to be destroyed. One that would have been great is when our department participated in the Never Forgotten Honor Flight Fundraising Bike Ride to raise money to send Veterans to Washington D.C. to the Memorial built in their honor. We also belong to a number of professional groups and organizations and even have officers who volunteer in their off time coaching kids or being mentors and help to make our community better although filming meetings might not be great tv. Even video of our training sessions like range training, simunition training, Special Response Tactics training, Emergency Vehicle Operations, or any of the various trainings we participate in. Unfortunately, we havent budgeted for a professional videographer or the equipment so we wouldnt be able to pay people to do this and the liability of having an unpaid person riding along with us probably wouldnt go over either. It really isnt like the show Cops. Thank you for asking though. Have a great rest of the evening. NightRider
Posted on: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 01:44:41 +0000

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