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That is something blown out of proportion for Magic to say Lakers are better off loosing this year being in the draft lottery . The 16 time NBA Champion MinneapolisLA Lakers have had a history of winning dating back to the Minneapolis days with 610 George Mikan at center . The Lakers had to misfortune of playing the Bill Russell Celtics in the finals and 1972 is when the Lakers won their 1st NBA title . Lakers built their team on the draft in 1976 Gail Goodrich signed with then the New Orleans Jazz for a 1979 1st round draft pick that turned out to be Magic . In 1979 Don Ford a Journeyman Forward traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a 1982 1st round draft pick James Worthy . Then in 1996 the Lakers traded Vlade Divac to the original Charlotte Hornets for the number 13 pick Kobe Bryant Vlade a solid NBA player had the unenviable task of filling Kareems shoes . For a franchise to win 16 NBA titles that is a different world then most other franchises around its not like the Lakers to think about sabotaging a season . Ray Jackson could tell you the Seattle Supersonics couldnt get a new arena they sabotaged the season moved to OKC as Kevin Durrant as their answer to Kobe in 2008 . Lakers have always won & lost with dignity they have bounced back numerous times . 1974-75 season Jerry West retires and the following year Lakers trade for Kareem and 5 years later with Magic 1st of 5 NBA titles in the 80s . 1993-94 season 1st draft lottery and 2 years later Kobe & Shaq come to LA 3 NBA titles with coach Phil Jackson 3peat . 2004-05 in the draft lottery 3 years Pau Gasol acquired from Memphis resulting in 2NBA titles 09 & 10 . Being a Laker fan I know the Lakers will bounce back they may be in transition it happens to all great teams .
Posted on: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 22:15:44 +0000

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