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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) welcomes the decision of the University Grants Commission to direct the Delhi University authorities to roll back its completely unjustified and highly questionable Four Year Undergraduate Programme commonly known as the FYUP. The AAP is of the view that the FYUP should have never been implemented in the DU and former HRD minister Kapil Sibal and Vice Chancellor Professor Dinesh Singh owe an apology to the academic and student communities for having imposed such a measure, without any unanimity. The opposition to FYUP was a unique feature which had united the academic, student and political classes across the spectrum, barring the exception of the Congress Party and its student and teachers wings. The FYUP rollback is a victory of the DU academic and student communities. The AAP was among the first political parties to have opposed the FYUP and the promise to scrap it was a part of the party’s manifestoes for the Delhi assembly and the Lok Sabha elections. Though the rollback of the FYUP clearly marks the culmination of a strong movement against this programme among the academicians and the students, the AAP demands that the UGC and DU authorities must take all possible steps to remove all misgivings which are likely to arise of the new situation. First of all, apprehensions among the students who were enrolled for the FYUP last year and are currently pursuing their studies according to this programme, must be allayed and they need to be assured that none of their rights will be affected. Secondly, the students who have applied for admission to the DU colleges this year, need to be assured by the DU authorities that the scrapping of the FYUP will not affect their careers in any manner. The AAP demands that the DU authorities should immediately take the teachers and student representatives into confidence to ensure that there is no unnecessary panic at the very beginning of the fresh academic session and the decision to restore the three year undergraduate courses is implemented without any confusion. The AAP demands that the Vice Chancellor should publicly explain why he violated the decades-old National Policy of Education and implemented the FYUP and under whose pressure ? Students from all parts of the country come to study in the DU and the imposition of the FYUP was only an attempt to force them to spend an extra year before getting a graduation degree. ENDS.
Posted on: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 17:51:30 +0000

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