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The Birth of Yahshuah the Messiah Nearly six months have passed by, and Mary, who had returned to Nazareth, left it again to journey southwards, and this time to Bethlehem. What took her south again? She went not to see the child John, nor to visit his parents. But we see Father Yah’uah God hand in her movements. The Emperor in Italy was the instrument used to make the Virgin leave her home to visit. Bethlehem, and there to give birth to her child, A decree was issued from Rome that all the world should be enrolled. The Emperor may have had one object, Father Yah’uah God had another. And this decree stands out as an important link in the chain by which prophecy received its accomplishment. The Virgin who dwelt at Nazareth, must be taken to Bethlehem for the birth of Him whose kingdom would in time break in pieces the Roman empire, and fill the whole earth (Dan. 2). Poor was she. Naturally, she would not have left Nazareth at such a time. Friendless too, it seems they were, at Bethlehem. The inn was crowded. No one offered them a home. No place had she wherein to cradle her child, but in a manger. The world desired not His presence, over whose birth heaven would rejoice. Born at night, cradled in a manger, who would announce the event? Must men wake up from nocturnal slumber, ere the news could be spread abroad? No. That birth was singular in this, that an angel first announced the event to some shepherds, and a multitude of the heavenly host were then heard engaged in praise. Heaven was stirred. And those shepherds, watching their flocks by night, heard it, and witnessed it. The angel had announced to them the birth of a deliver, Messiah Yahshuah the Lord, and gave them a sign by which they should know Him—a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger (2:12). With the angel there was assembled a multitude of the heavenly host. The angel of the Lord addressed the shepherds. The angelic choir, as if unmindful of their presence, was wholly engaged in praising Father Yah’uah God. Silence they could not keep, for glory to Father Yah’uah God, and blessing to men, would result from that child’s birth. Father Yah’uah God as Saviour working through Yahshuah the Messiah as Lord.” Thus was He described? As deliver of the word of Father Yah’uah God gave us his only son Yahshuah the Messiah was born in the likeness of mankind,, Of grace that spoke. “Messiah Yahshuah the Lord” were His titles. The former reminds us that Yahshuah is man. The latter proclaims His dignity, as apart from, and superior to, every intelligent creature. He is the son of Father Yah’uah God the Creator in relation to angels as well as to men (Phil. 2:11). The angels went back into heaven, the shepherds then went to Bethlehem to see the child, after which they spread abroad the announcement of its birth. Their listeners wondered. They themselves glorified and praised Father Yah’uah God for all that they had heard and seen. Mary kept all those sayings, and pondered them in her heart. Heaven was moved, but earth, how little was it stirred! Elisabeth’s kinsfolk rejoiced with her. We read of no such demonstration when Messiah Yahshuah was born. Significant that surely was. Men wondered at that which the shepherds told them, but which of them moved a step to see the child? How far was earth out of tune with heaven! How listless were men about that which so interested the angels!
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