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The Discrete series from 2012. I apologise for the endless repostings, however of late several people have drawn my attention to another artists work which has quite suddenly become barely distinguishable from mine, though using different materials. As I always say: we each have our own trajectory and in such a reductive field, are bound to occasionally cover the same terrain. For this reason I cannot unfriend or block anyone, but as I have actually started to lose sleep over this particular occurrence (due perhaps to the fact that I fear being overlooked, or be seen as creating facsimiles of another persons work - something which I endeavour never to do), I have found myself simply reposting old work as a way of declaring that this is indeed my vocabulary and that though I do not own it (no-one owns millimetres, the bleeding of paint, horizontals or verticals), it is highly personal and I have dedicated 20 years to refining my practice, without once wavering or faltering. I can only hope that this is recognised. I do not want to be ungracious or unreasonable. It is hard being an artist down in the southern hemisphere, so far from the big art fairs and art cities of the north. If you read this far, I thank you. Incidentally, this is one of my favourite bodies of my own work, created immediately prior to double acromioplasty (shoulder surgery), exhibited in Sydney at Factory 49 and then the wonderful ParisCONCRET. Half of these paintings are now spread about the planet, in private collections: Brussels, England, USA, Spain, France... it still makes me happy to think of this fact.
Posted on: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 23:39:41 +0000

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