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The Name That God Would Give to You Heavenletter - August 8, 2013 God said: My dreams come true through you. I have said this before. You ARE My dream come true. I am not your dream. I am your very existence. Our hearts are enjoined. All that you believe exists is you in one form or another. One are We to the point that there is no We, simply One, One excellent summation of Me, of Wholeness, of Love, of Love in Infinity and Eternity. There is no less. On Earth, there is much seeming less. You see what you see. You see only what you see. I am tempted to say: “If you had My eyes, O beloveds, the wonders you would see, the beauty, the love. You would see Yourself as I see you, and I see Truth, and so would you also see Truth. The Truth of you is obvious to Me, for I see Myself when I see you. I see beneath the form of you.” As it is, you depend on your form and call it by a sound, a name, that may not be your name or your sound. I suppose, if I were naming you, I would name you Beloved, or, perhaps, for short, Love. You, of course, are looking to differentiate. You want to tell all the forms apart one from the other. I exist in the relative world through you, and yet I wish to enjoy the Oneness that you do not yet quite enjoy. You may feel that you are lost when the seeming others you see are lumped with you, and that you exist as One with Me. In theory, you might like it. In actuality, you fear that your individuality will be lost. Where is the human being you came to know so well? Where are the other human beings that you cared about or did not care about? Beloveds, you see life as one thing while I see it as another. You do not give up anything when you recognize your solid Oneness with Me. Dear Ones, this is how you gain. Oh, yes, as you concede to Our Oneness, you let go of the littleness that has absorbed you. You get out of the littleness of stories. Stories have their delight. Indeed, you have been caught up in the story, the events, the questions, the answers, the drama, the color, all the motives, all your understanding of all the discrepancies. You don’t require the details any longer. It will no longer matter to you that you were a Master Electrician or had a tan or a sore toe. Of all the things that are important to you now, only love will remain. Whatever you may imagine you are seeking in life, all the worldly success, all what you see as good fortune, you will come to know it as you consciously see that you and I are One, Our hearts are One, Our Being is One. This is not, I repeat, this is not hype I give you. No hype from God. No longer hype and search of attainment from you. You will simply swim in the Ocean of My Love, and you will know for a fact that you are the Ocean and you are My Love, All of it. You are painted in My love, as it were. You are established in My love, as it were. You become Myself and then there is no longer even the concept of two. When you have everything, when you are everything, what else can you possibly want? You want only to swim with Me. I am no longer recognizable to you, for you see from inside My eyes, inside My heart, inside Eternity and Infinity. You are, right now, the Wholeness for which you search. You already are. Never were you other.
Posted on: Thu, 08 Aug 2013 13:43:36 +0000

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