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The Other Side of MIM Allegations against MIM: In this series we will start addressing allegations against MIM. As stated earlier my job is to present facts with the current opinions. I might come across as MIM sympathiser at sometime or MIM critic and none of such opinion would impact me from stating what according to me are facts in public – As always in a Healthy Democracy you can tend to agree or disagree! Misuse of Religion: It has been time and again said that MIM leaders especially the Owaisi family misuses religion and gets vote in the name of Islam. While these allegations are nothing new however over the last 4-5 years these allegations have started to increase. Lets take a look at couple of examples (real) to understand it better.. 1. Commercialization of Milad Un Nabi in Hyderabad. Just 5 years ago Milad Un Nabi in Hyderabad was a day of sombreness with absolutely nothing of what we see today in Hyderabad. Not just old timers but even youngsters recollect that Milad Un Nabi celebration in Hyderabad meant a Public meeting on the night of 11th Rabi-Ul-Awwal at Darussalam and on 12th Rabi-Ul-Awwal at Aizza Grounds or sometimes at exhibition grounds or Nizam College grounds by a religious organisation called Tameer-e-Millat and followed next day by Yaum-E-Sahaba(Day of Sahaba - The Prophet Companions) at Moghalpura Grounds. Beyond this there used to be small gatherings in the local mosques and localities where everyone used to religiously observe this day with utmost sincerity and sobriety. However things started changing suddenly. – The advent of QTV - A Pakistan based Commercial Channel QTV started its operations in the early 2000s in India and became an instant hit across the masses especially in Hyderabad. The thought of having an Islamic Channel which was round the clock and that too in Urdu impressed everyone. When it started it indeed started on a religious note with focus on spreading of Deen and removing misconceptions about Islam. However somewhere down the line QTV started to feel the commercial pressure and suddenly the programming in QTV changed from what was once religious to more of commercial. Like for instance in Ramadan the initial 2-3 years of their Sehri & Iftar time were hugely successful due to their perfect programming and complete focus on issues related to Ramadan and Islam however once the programmes became Hit (In QTV terms) all that remained in both Iftar and Sehri time was advertisements n advertisements and hardly any content. If one looks at QTV today it would be difficult for him to take it as a religious channel with the kind of obscenity and vulgarity that is displayed on the channel.Examples are the utterly disrepectful lady Naat Recitors who are dressed up as if they are about to shoot for a movie or something, continous advertisements with all ladies being featured in it who display no signs of Hijab nor any signs of being Muslim. All the while MIM was keenly looking at the success of QTV and its rapidly increasing viewers share. One of the oldest Lieutenants of MIM Haji Seth who was extremely close to Salahuddin Owaisi – The Late MIM supremo started to expand his horizon into Media and took no time in investing in QTV. Slowly the famous personalities of QTV were invited to Hyderabad couple of them being Mufti Akmal, Owais Raza Qadri & Mufti AbuBakr who all are very popular on QTV in their respective programs. The idea behind inviting these people was to aim at two shots with one hit – 1. To help Hyderabadi’s listen to their favourite speakers live and gain from their knowledge however 2. The bigger agenda was to get their message passed across through these speakers. It is this influence of QTV with behind the scenes support of MIM that has made Milad Un Nabi in Hyderabad one of the worst days of show, pomp and gaiety – Across Hyderabad in Old City roads are decorated with innumerable lights, banners with Quran and Kalma inscribed on it, roads blocked for meetings that go on till unearthly hours causing extreme inconvenience to the old and sick etc etc. Recent additions have been the Haram DJ’s where youngsters dance to the tunes of obscene dirty hindi songs, competition between each locality as to which locality is decorated the best, wastage of food and plenty more.. None of it as we all know has got anything to do with Islam nor with the Prophet however having started this MIM is now finding it extremely difficult to back out as they feel it might hurt their vote bank !! What this has also resulted in is increased competition with the rival community – Hyderabadis would recollect that apart from Ganesh Chaturthi Hindus never celebrated any other festival with rallies and decorations –however having seen MIM n few Muslims doing what they do in Milad they have started celebrating every festival with more zeal and hatred – So now you have RamNavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Durga Puja, Navratri, Janmashtami etc etc.. It won’t be wrong to say that because of Muslims deviating from the right path other communities started new ways to trouble Muslims..! Next - We Continue to point out the Not so Good things about MIM..Keep watching this space.. keep sharing as much as you can!
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