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The Power of Time Off // After watching this TED talk several years ago, I was inspired to figure out how to work this into our own business model. This will be our 3rd year to take the month of August off. What does that even mean? It means for one month we dont take on any new clients. It allows us to reassess our processes and provides me the time to redirect my focus from new business, to organizing and catching up on our current work load. >>> We basically spend the month catching up and preparing for the craziness of holiday season-- and this year with our rebrand were going to have a HUGE giveaway and some great new announcements pertaining to Inkedfingers at the end of August! How does this affect you all, our incredible clients? If youre wanting to book a portrait session for the fall of this year or wanting to book your wedding, contact us before Aug 1! We do still have a few dates available! We wont be shooting any holiday portrait past Nov 22 to ensure you get your portraits + cards on time. We know this is bucking the system and we appreciate you helping us make this happen. Inkedfingers has THE best clients!! Your sending family and friends our way allows us to do what we do best: LOVE our clients and provide memories for generations! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!! https://ted/talks/stefan_sagmeister_the_power_of_time_off
Posted on: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 15:25:03 +0000

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