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The Strength of a Woman. Dear Margret Kenyatta I must admit in your youthful days you could rival any super model, at your age you look great, today I choose not speak about your looks but my admiration of charisma and approach to challenges facing our women and children, Kudos. Your husband must be equally proud of you like the many Kenyans who turned up to help in your “Beyond Zero” campaign. All over the world first ladies have played key roles in championing the direction of respective countries. Graca Macel must the luckiest woman to be 1st Lady twice; she is an African icon in peace building. Mrs. Kenyatta, the country bleeds for your help. When the president made a commitment to love, honour and cherish you, the solemn vows he made before Almighty God. When the president in front the world took oath of office, you held the Bible again together. This demonstrates his great love and commitment for you, and his undying desire to have you by his side as he steers this country to prosperity. Mrs. Kenyatta, I implore unto you to whisper to the president, to tackle wastage and corruption the endemic enemies of this nation. I know ‘Kamwana’ can be quite dismissive and arrogant, but not to you he is a gentleman. Kindly in the midst of the whisper hold him from behind, massage his shoulders, kiss a little and shed a tear it works. This melts even the hearts made of granite or diamond. Mrs. Kenyatta, you have won many hearts, brought life to the gloomy dull office. Your have defined domestic diplomacy winning souls and uniting a divided nation. Your children are probably my age or younger, I turn 31 in April. I often meet your son drop vegetables at Uchumi Ngong Road, that’s unlikely our perception of the 1st family. If he can invest in agriculture what about youths who shun or loath getting dirty, I beseech you to have candid conversation with the president on this matter. Kindly don’t start with “we need to talk” this scares and put’s off any man. Your experience in marriage will come in hand, on the right mood and time to discuss such matters. Let’s invest in agriculture for employment and food security. It saddens me that we import eggs from South Africa that’s like selling our birthright. Mrs. Kenyatta, your husband was elected on a platform of changing the youth fortunes. He promised 5stadiums and our own Madison Square for mega concerts in sports, film and music industry. Funds were to be raised through lottery and charity sweepstakes. It’s 1year and the plans are mute. This again can tap talents and employ hundred’s if not millions. Mrs. Kenyatta a famous singer sang, “I wonder if God is a woman”. The Holy bible tells us that God made eve from a man’s ribs and Adam from clay because he could easily break. A woman brings forth a life, her spirit always animate with vigor. This how strong God has made you Margret, that’s the strength of a woman. That’s the strength I seek from you to champion change agenda especially for the youth. I rest my case Mrs. Kenyatta Citizen No. 22730996 [email protected] cc Uhuru Kenyatta Mugo Wa Wairimu Mukurima X Muriuki Captn Collins Wanderi
Posted on: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 06:27:35 +0000

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