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The breath of the politician is the vote. Not an individual vote. not a majority vote, but a unified vote. It is not scientifically corect to think that it takes 100% to create or incite change, it is scientifically proven that if only 10% of a population unite in an idea or cause, that it is able to influence the implementation of that ideal or cause, by pushing the other 90 %. There is a way to humble bureaucratic democracy. It is the one thing that the system encourages as a normal part of the process, but in reality is the drug, which keeps the true source of power subdued. That is division and separation. Of one corner of the mouth is the call for unity, yet the very nature of the system represented demands separatist views. That system knows that if the people united for any one cause that the weakness of the system would be expressed. A. If you do not wear the colours allegiance cannot be expressed, calculated and manipulated. B. If we do not attend the entertainment state of being cannot be expressed, calculated, and manipulated. If we stay quiet and observe, go to the polls and vote, we would have; 1. escaped the mental manipulation 2. reduced our having to continuously discuss the ways of the politician. 3. placed our selves in a position where our choices will be based on issues as they affect us everyday, and probable solutions, as opposed to our choices being based on what we are told are our issues and who has the best solution for them. 4. cause the system to rethink its control it has over the peoples choices, and retool and restructure its method of leadership and job hunting. Yes its a job, an important job, but still just a job. They are not gods, they have no power, except that which WE give them. Because we exist in a machine called the body, all of us has the same basic needs. We do not have to congregate or meet to develop that Unified Majority. We just have to keep ourselves from the charlatanism of Election campaigning, from the witchcraft of mental manipulation, The deeds of the nicolatians, and pay attention to the solution or the solving of the issues that affect us EVERYDAY...... Its the only way We the Poorple, will become We the people again. Well, Is done Friday night, so maybe in 2019, we will get it....
Posted on: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 03:51:10 +0000

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