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The decision of Crimean parliament to join Russia is a mistake in my opinion, at least in short term. Yes, for Russians, historically, if Putin gets back Crimea without a single shot, he will become a national hero. But geo politically for now it is a catastrophe and it will have very negative political and economical effect on Russia. At the same time let’s face the facts. This whole situation is provoked by the west and the actual anti- Russian, partly extremist government: 1) The west and opposition have not complied with the agreement signed with Yanukovich to build a new government of national unity, do constitutional reform and re-elections. This agreement was approved by Putin and gave Ukraine a real chance for political and economic reforms. The next day after signing protesters attacked the parliament and Yan had to flee. 2) The new government is not legal according to constitution. There was no legal procedure to step down Yan. 3) The new illegal government and parliament has excluded Russian Ukrainians. The first laws are clearly anti-Russian, like prohibition of Russian linguae and Cyrillic writing. 4) The west tells there is no danger for pro-Russian population, which is a clear lie. Lots of reports and videos (not shown by western press) show the contrary. Just look at this videos: https://youtube/watch?v=w4GeD8Ubm0o#t=359 , https://youtube/watch?v=aa63IjsaWIk&feature=youtube_gdata_player 5) More and more evidence shows that snipers were hired by opposition not Yanukovich. Let’s face the facts, only Yanukovich demanded for international, independent investigation. Opposition blocks it. Look at this disturbing videos and make your own opinion: liveleak/view?i=5dc_1393953567 , https://youtube/watch?v=ZEgJ0oo3OA8 6) Not a single person was hurt by the Russian aggression, compared to many people killed and injured at Maidan. I am not talking now about regular, illegal attacks and killings of US military all over the world. 7) Putin always made clear that Ukraine is the red line for Russia. He won’t accept any open interference from outside, which west did by clearly supporting Maidan movement and the new government. 8) Finally, look at funny coincidence, Georgia attacked Ossetia during Olympic games, Maidan has thrown over Yanukovich also during Olympic games, at the time where Putin was busy presenting “new Russia” to the world. Taking this into account I do understand the reaction of Putin, but also of local governments in Donezk or Krimea. They reacted in the same manner to the events of maidan and clear anti Russian provocations. I understand, which does not mean I fully support this actions. The irresponsible position of new government supported by the west and Russian urge to keep its historical sphere of influence is tearing Ukraine apart. This big game for political and economic influence is being played on the shoulders of Ukrainian people. They are hostages of dirty politicians.
Posted on: Thu, 06 Mar 2014 12:31:46 +0000

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