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The fourth work of Mario Agrifoglio that I present is 1978, 60x70. The title is differences. The work on the left is lit with sunlight, to the right the same work is illuminated under black light. The theme represented is Wdivergenza (In this work the red areas). Technically the Wdivergenza is the explosion, under black light, to multiple colors , from a single color under sunlight. A friend pointed out to me that this presentation step by step has the potential problem to simplify the read of these phenomena suggesting that are simply based on the research of colors (in this case red) fluorescent (eg different brands) with a use more or less random on surface. Obviously this is a reading strongly incorrect: the obtaining of different colors (as in this case) is given by painting techniques for domination of changes through the experience of mixing of the pigments outside of the theory (synthesis additive and subtractive mixing). This experience, the result of a long period of experimentation and pictorial evidence of mixing, must be built personally by each artist who wishes to work under black light controlling (and dominating) the mixing of colors. In fact (and unfortunately) there is no way to build these unique experience because the simplicity of additive mixing is not usable. I hope I have made it clear that these early Agrifoglios works that I present you are only examples that are intended to introduce Wdivergenze, Wconvergenze such neologisms for the reading of the research work of Mario Agrifoglio, the following works will be more complex and these control techniques are less noticeable. Again the idea that I tryed to convey submitting the previous works: these works are not reproducible typographically if not publishing more photos of the same work. I have already introduced the concept of metameric defect known as tone variation (normally) under various light sources; but metamerism in its original definition is restricts itself to light sources such as solar, shadows, light bulbs, neon, etc.. Now this concept need reformulation talking about a particular light which light black and with fluorescent pigments. An extended discussion is obviously beyond the scope of this post but the idea that I want forcibly send is that four simple red vertical bars and a red circle can undermine the state of practical knowledge on the color. These surfaces are indistinguishable under sunlight and also under low light are indistinguishable therefore have a low defect metameric classic but illuminated under a black light take huge significant differences: a high defect metameric is present in that case.
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