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The laird Hamish and lady Dorothy with mr flint in Attendance spent a very pleasant day visiting the Halifax citadel, where the laird Hamish was more than happy to inspect the troops to ensure the uniform was worn correctly. The lady Dorothy who offered to help was not allowed as the laird Hamish and mr flint said it was not appropriate to look up a mans kilt, that has never stooped Linda Bolam in the past. There were some very interesting facts shared with the laird Hamish about the fort, lady Dorothy did try to concentrate but was at times distracted! A further time in class was spent with Master McIsaacs not as strict a disciplinarian as Mrs Bowron (Corey Matthews) the laird Hamish did wonder if any of these fine young men could be of his family descent as there are strong Scottish ties here. Following on we visited the harbour and a good old Irish pub called Dirty Nellies, as opposed to our cat who is smelly nelly. After good food and ale a big surprise for us was to get our theatre fix, yes in Halifax we went to the theatre to see Out of the Woods, but that is another story, home to bed at nearly midnight meant a full enjoyable day for the laird Hamish, lady Dorothy and mr flint in attendance. What will today hold for us?
Posted on: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 12:14:36 +0000

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