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The movement in São Paulo, happening right now, is totally peaceful as thousands and thousands of people walk through the city streets - youth, children, elderly, and people of all ages, colors and backgrounds. Many wear white, carry flowers and wave flags as they sing and walk together. Those who are not on the streets are watching in awe from windows or on TV, many have hung signs and white flags out their windows in support, others accompany and spread word of the movement by telling stories on social networks. I am so proud and my heart expands seeing the unity and people awakening and taking action, expressing what is in their hearts. After the shock of what happened as police reacted violently to the protesters last Thursday in São Paulo, the peaceful movement happening today is so inspiring and beautiful. No news of vandalism at all! It was announced on the news this morning that the police would be prohibited to use tear gas and rubber bullets like they did last week. But this is in São Paulo, other cities in Brazil, such as Rio, are witnessing some clashes with the police.
Posted on: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 00:19:25 +0000

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