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The next S.T.U.D.S. event will be October 27th. Seattle Thunder Ultimate Divisional Series I lieu of my conversations with players we will adjust the pricing a bit and give you MUCH better notice for dates. Cost: Paint: $45-50 depending on what we get Entry: Divisional: $125/team Young Guns: $60/team Rental: $75/team ***We will be giving away some free entries into our Zombie maze as well*** Event Prizes: 1st place only (will increase if we get more than 4 teams) Divisional: 3 cases of event paint Young Guns: 2 cases of event paint Rental: 1 case of event paint Series Prizes: 1st place only Divisional: 3 Virute spires Young Guns: 3 V-Force Grills Rental: 12 free entry/air/500 rounds **Prizes are dependant on having at least 4 teams in the respective division per event. Series prizes require attendance to a minimum of 50% of the events for that "season".** Rules: 3man teams capped at 5 person roster (4 max for Rental division) BPS 12.5 PSP mode Race-to format with 7 minute matches. 2 minutes between points. (We will be a bit lax on this but we want to get games moving a bit faster) Winner is determined at the end of the timed match by who has the most points. Tie breakers will be a 1v1 sudden death match. Divisional: Anyone ranking D4 and below (subject to approval of Head ref and Event coordinator). Depending on turnout may be Race-to-3 Young guns: Must be 17 years old or younger. Depending on turnout may be Race-to-2/3
Posted on: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:11:02 +0000

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