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The purpose of this article is to explain what the activation of the Third Eye (3rd eye, pineal gland) is in a practical way that can help you in your everyday life. Believe it or not, everyone uses their Third Eye unconsciously. By recognizing your Third Eye’s potential, you exponentially increase your inner vision and guidance that will help you in your waken reality. The Third Eye is your pineal gland which is located in the center of your brain. The pineal gland literally has a lens, cornea, and retina, hence the term, third eye. A better name for it would be the first eye as all things derive from the spiritual, or unseen, as in thoughts become things. The thought is the unseen and the physical manifestation of that thought is the thing. Activation means to begin or initiate. By using your Third Eye consciously, you activate your inner vision in a more controlled and recognizable manner. Your two physical eyes help you get around this physical, material world while your third eye provides inner vision and guidance. See it as your own personal GPS in this physical reality. When you are asleep, your Third Eye is fully active. What we call dreaming is actually your spirit (soul’s energy; what animates the body) traveling in different dimensions and planes of existence. Your soul is actually released through your Third Eye. The pineal gland is a portal or gateway for your soul. Rene Descartes, famous French philosopher, dubbed the pineal as the “seat of the soul”. Your physical eyes are closed and resting when we dream yet you see people, places, and things during your third eye adventures or dream state. You can have greater vision and clarity when you actively use your powerful Third Eye. When you are able to “see,” understand, and connect with the unseen, you dramatically improve your overall quality of life by being able to distinguish and understand the messages provided to you by the Spirit World. We are constantly receiving messages, signs, and symbols from the Spirit World. You can call them your ancestors, god(s)/goddess(es), spirit guides, angels or your higher self. The terming is not important but the messages can be life transforming. Third Eye Activation (dot) com is a result of message receiving, gathering, interpreting and applying. Activating your third eye will enable YOU to better receive and understand these messages and signs. Some of the benefits of Third Eye activation are: increased intuition better direction in life (GPS) knowing your life/soul purpose more psychic awareness never feeling alone better health & well-being clearer and more vivid dreams, astral projection, lucid dreaming knowledge of self (spiritual being in a physical reality) connecting with non-physical beings (creator, god(s)/goddess(es), spirit guides, ancestors, angels etc.) increased overall knowledge reduced risk of danger It’s important to know that the Third Eye is not just a “visual tool”. We all have different spiritual gifts. These gifts are delivered through your Third Eye. By activating your Third Eye, you will see if you are a healer, psychic, medium, teacher, counselor, clairvoyant (seeing beyond the physical), clairaudient (hearing beyond the physical), clairsentient (feeling beyond the physical), prophet, seer, empath etc. These spiritual gifts will help you tremendously in this physical world. Thanking You With Regards Third Eye Workshop 09624395431 09537261083
Posted on: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 08:10:21 +0000

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