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The thoughts of H Say ahhh #312 Growing up with Elvis Presley and The Beatles in the day, fosters memories of another life, lived a very different way. Simple…oh so simple was the feeling of the time across a memory bank of lotions and concoctions there to find. Grand remedies for everything from passing wind…to care of teeth would leave the Health and Safety farce today in total disbelief. A spoon of castor oil fixed almost anything so to speak, believe it or not I know - my aging bones dont ever squeak. A blue bag on a bee-sting brought relief in seconds flat, the blue bag used in laundries for a whiter wash in fact. A boil would bring a poultice made from mums own recipe, drawing gunk from deep within…foot loose and fancy free. A raw steak placed on injuries drawing bruises to skin, to barbecue another day with God knows what within. A footballer felt the luxury of a well drenched magic sponge for a face wipe or a mouthful from a dozen other tongues. Apple cider vinegar for a dandruff flake or two, horse-radish mixed with olive oil cured symptoms of the flu. Onion drops cleared ear-ache…whilst coca-cola cleaned up rust and for blemishes a touch of honey was a delightfully yummy must. Yes…Health and Safety would curl itself into a twisted foetal ball if it existed in those days of this historical recall. And it doesnt really matter if things worked, or if they failed, for the proof is in the pudding - cos Im still here…to tell the tale. Harry Donnelly 11-4-14 (268) To join Harrys mailing list: [email protected]
Posted on: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 20:38:06 +0000

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