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[The way you teach...The Knowledge you share...The care you take...The love you shower...Makes you...The world ,s best Teacher...Good Morning! Rise & Shine! A new day is calling... Open your heart and mind to all the possibilities just outside your comfort zone. Are you ready to step outside?] Loving you Means that I give you my heart My love, my whole self; You’ll always come first Before anything else Loving you Means that I give you my faith My trust, my confidence; I promise to always be true To be loyal, to be honest Loving you Means , you’re a part of my life, My dreams, my future; You are a part of me Now and forever. we obey his laws and genuinely learn to serve others, we develop Gods love in our lives. Love of God is the means of unlocking divine powers which help us to live worthily and to overcome the world It’s not about finding someone who won’t fight with you, or make you mad or sad. It’s about finding the person who will be standing there wiping the tears away, holding you in their arms after a fight and the one who will not walk out on the first sign of trouble. Eternal Love turns incessantly around my humbled heart and smiling, I will rise from the ground like a tree , because the water of life turns incessantly around me. Rumi Love is a gift from God and as only to live with Love, Happy afternoon . Wonderful afternoon I wish all my dear Friend, [Gold & Silver are Hidden Deep Under The Earth. Pearl & Coral are Deep Under The Sea But Peace & Joy are Hidden in our Mind & Soul. May God enlighten your path and your dreams tonight, and bring to your new day a grand source of all that exists to better, Womens hunch is more accurate than mens confidence. Highest spiritual experience -- Glorify God. Of course, we cant imagine God to be any bigger than ourselves most of the time, seems to be trying to remember what his loving Friend looks like the whole time. I suppose painting about his great love for her is godlike. Friends will come and go and touch your life along the way but only a true friend will touch your heart.. Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver. God bless always you. When Life and needs to live in Love are not met, we dont function as we were meant to. We break. We fall apart. We numb. We ache. We hurt others. We get sick ; On this joyous day, I wish you health, wealth and cheer, since Burst free from the previous shackles of limitation and fly high on the spiraling winds of truth beyond thinking and time contained. Your eternal heart will lead you in the direction of perfect flow. Yes you are coming undone, yes you are releasing, and yes you will lose focus of what you thought was truth. Jump from this bridge of limitation and learn to fly by trust and trust alone. There is no one to stop you, but you. Your life is your own creation choose either to be a victim or a victor. Ask that all has been done against you now blesses you in the fullness of time. Move toward a longitude of light that awaits your presence. Light has a need to serve to embrace to become one with. Without you the light sits alone in waiting. I want you to also know that I love you my dear Friend. sweet dreams take care sleep well. Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another Twin Flames !! so much confusion !! Not now...The Teachings of the Twin Flame Sacred Keys answer every question, enabling a relating life of Harmony, without having to go through so-called stages or so-called runner. It does not exist with this ancient angelic awareness Twin Flame Sacred Keys Collection instant download can assist your Twin Flame Journey in many ways.. 1. Offer you the deepest VIBRATIONAL preparation to, not only magnetise your Twin Flame, but also to have all the... VIBRATIONAL awareness making sure the required energetic balance is sustained when you meet and reunite in FOREVER!! Harmony!!! 2. Showing you how to reunite with the Twin Flame after any separation post honeymoon phase, and making sure no more separations by understanding how to sustain the required balance and ONE soul awareness. 3. Offering you clarity and awareness why there is off and on relating and regain the required energetic equilibrium to transcend the frustration FOREVER!! 4. Showing you how to be together with your twin flame, without egoic sabotage, thus the key to creating on-going harmony and alignment of the Soul. Seek the people of God, for God does not speak to every one, just as the kings of this world do not speak to every weaver. They have appointed viziers and deputies to show the way to the king. God has also chosen certain servants, so that whoever seeks God can find God in them. All the prophets have come for this reason—only they are the Way. PREM SAGAR GUPTA Missionary Director [Holy Eternal order of Divine Knighthood] Mount Abu & London — at Facebook at Internet World FEEL FREE TO: Like ✔Comment✔Tag ✔Share✔Follow
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