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The world lost a great man today. Jerry Bass was the first principal I worked with. He hired me in 1984 to teach second graders at Pittsburg Primary in Pittsburg, TX. I still remember the day and the meeting. I had just graduated and was looking for a teaching position. I could not find one in Tyler or nearby, where I had grown up. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of Pittsburg. I spent several days one week driving to various districts to turn in applications and meet administrators if possible. There was no internet to fill out info on back then. We still spoke to each other! I stopped at the administration building in Pittsburg and the receptionist told me of an open position at the Primary School. Jerry met me at the door. She had called and told him I was on my way! We sat in his office for an hour getting to know each other. What a great down to earth guy. He knew how a school ran, respected his faculty, and loved kids. I was hired that day and spent several years teaching on his campus. Debbie and I met at Pittsburg Primary. She was working as an aide with a first grade teacher. That relationship would later blossom. I can thank Jerry Bass and Teresa Sharp Hobbs, a teacher at the Primary School, for that. Debbie and I loved Jerry. I havent seen him in years, but thought of him often and all memories will be treasured. I have only worked for three principals in the 20 years I have taught in public education. Roxanne Crouch, the principal at the Intermediate School next door to the Primary School, stopped by my classroom the third year I was there and asked me if I would consider moving to her campus the next year. Her grandson, Joshua Crouch, was in my classroom, and she wondered if I would move up so that he could be in my class again. Sweet, eh........and sneaky. Always did love Roxanne Crouch. She was absolutely wonderful to me, and I miss her daily. She was lost in an auto accident in 1995. Two great principals. One to go! After working for Renaissance Learning for 10 years and a couple of other positions near home after Debbie became ill, I decided to apply for a position with McKinney ISD. Debbie and I had lived here for years and it seemed logical. I could go back to what I had loved doing and remain close to Debbie. No travel needed! I interviewed at a couple of elementary schools and the fit was not there.....on either side. Then, one afternoon, Debbie Thrane Kanar, principal of McNeil Elementary, called me. We chatted for awhile and she asked if I would come in for an interview. Now I considered this a God thing. The school is six blocks from our house and was almost brand new. Debbie spoke kindly of my experience. She had checked me out completely, even calling my references. Nice job! I went in to the interview and was made to feel so comfortable by the staff. Debbie was casual but professional and we hit it off immediately. I have been at McNeil for eight years now and am about to lose another principal. Debbie is retiring next month. She has been good to me, supportive of me, and I will miss her. I wish her all the best in retirement and envy all the time she will have with her grandchildren. Another chapter closes. Jerry Bass, Roxanne Crouch, and Debbie Kanar. God sends us angels when we most need them. It is wise to recognize it and even more wise to be thankful.
Posted on: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 03:08:27 +0000

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